Glass for Doors & Shelves

buehlDecember 5, 2008

We're going to be ordering the glass for our doors & shelves Monday. I've never ordered these before, so I was wondering how thick the glass should be. I seem to recall my KD saying the shelves should be 3/4" if I plan to put a lot on them...I'm not, at least not right now, but I don't want to be limited in the future.

So...all you experts out there...

  • How thick should the door glass be?

  • How thick should the glass shelves be?

  • I'm assuming all should be tempered that a correct assumption?

  • Am I missing anything else (other than glass pattern)?

Any suggestions for glass pattern? I'm not particularly worried about hiding anything.

Here are some pics of the kitchen (as if you haven't already seen them...but just in case someone hasn't been around in a while...)

The cabinets w/the glass doors are on this wall [the mullion/mutton (?) inserts are out right now]...

Older pic w/them still in...

FYI...we plan to paint over the next couple of weekends...


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I just measured my glass shelves in a china cabinet that measure 3/16 of an inch thick. I guess I'm saying that right. Its less than half an inch. Go easy on me, i'm terrible at measurements. 3/4 of an inch seems very thick to me,but i'm sure it wouldnt hurt. the thicker the better. I have alot of heavy stuff on my shelves in my cabinet. I've had it for about 10 years now.

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Muntin = piece of wood in window frame, mutton = sheep, and my window people muddle up my mind when discussing mullions and muntins (I can keep the sheep out of my mind though)

It looks like you have nice china/stonework that is to be displayed, and the muntins/mullions already give you some interest, so I'd probably go with something relatively minimal -- either plain glass or possibly reeded glass, which will add a strong vertical line that I'm not sure you need in your beautiful kitchen. I'm attaching a link to my cab co's webpage showing what happens to a cobalt blue and white set of dishes when stuck behind various glass patterns. I have frosted glass specifically to semi-hide the contents of my uppers, fwiw.

What color did you decide on for paint?

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass

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I don't remember the thickness however I ordered tempered smoke glass for the shelves so the the edge wound not be green. I only have 2 cabinets with glass fronts (Omega custom). There is a puck light on a dimmer inside so I wanted glass shelves but not with the green edges. The brown edge (clear glass however) look nice as the insides of all my cabinets are cherry

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The glass in my china hutch measured the same as teppy's at 3/16" for the shelves. I can't tell how thick it is in the doors because the glass isn't inset like it would be in a cabinet door. It has a "frame" around it front and back. I don't currently have any cabinets with glass.

Here is a link where they show the thickness of the different styles of cabinet glass. Also, in addition to tempered, there is laminated glass. Their definition of laminated glass: "Laminated glass is a combination of two or more glass sheets with one or more interlayers of plastic (PVB) or resin. In case of breakage, the interlayer holds the fragments together and continues to provide resistance to the passage of persons or objects. Laminated safety glass offers superior safety, security and sound transmission control."

Also, if you go to "PROJECTS" on this website, you can see some beautiful glass installed.

Here is a link that might be useful: More beautiful glass

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The glass people will probably run you through your options, but I chose 3/8" for durability, though you can get it in 3/16" and probably other thicknesses. My main concern was whacking the edge of it (which I've done from time to time, putting away glassware) and chipping it. So far so good. There is a fair amount of weight on my shelves but it's all glassware.

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Anyway, there are different edges you can get (mine are rounded a bit in the interest of chip prevention), and I think tempering was recommended over safety glass with the embedded layer, because it tends to shatter (instead of just chipping). That's all I recall, not much I know. Be sure to talk to the people you are getting it from, they will walk you through the options, with any luck!

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Most glass I do for door inserts in wall cabinets is 1/8". It only has to be tempered if it is below the counter level. If you take your doors to the glass store they will measure and install it for you. Glass shelves vary by size and where the supports are. Again if you have a wood shelf from the cabinet you are replacing the shelf in, take it to the glass store. They will guide you on the proper size glass and give you any options you may want to consider. They will also have samples of different glass types.

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Might I suggest clear seedy glass? I think it would look lovely with your pendants and floor.

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Thanks all! We're planning to get to a glass store ("Germantown Glass", I think (for those MD folks)) this week. My DH was going to go on the way home from work one day, but it looks like I need to go as well...decisions to be made that I really want input on.

LOL, BlueKitObsessed...without really paying attention I assumed FireFox spell check knew what it was doing! I changed it to "mutton" b/c it told me "muntin" was not a word (and still does...although it's giving me different options now...hmmmm....I must have really messed up the spelling originally!)

Interesting that you suggest plain glass as that's what our KD said many months ago (we decided not to get our glass from her b/c it was so expensive!)

Teppy, our wood shelves are 3/4" so the same thickness glass wouldn't take up any more space. But, it sounds like 3/8" to 1/2" may be plenty (thanks Claybe). I have been thinking about storing my "everyday" Christmas/Winter dishes in them, but I'm afraid they'll be too "full" to properly display. If I do, though, I want to be sure they'll hold up as I have stoneware dishes that are quite heavy! (Pfaltzgraff's Stone Bear...I love those little guys!> there a "scratch resistant" glass? it looks like my discussions/decisions will focus on:

  1. Type of glass for doors (tempered, laminate, other)

  2. Type of glass for shelves

  3. Color of glass (smoke/brown edge appearance or regular/green edge appearance)

  4. "Pattern" of glass for doors

  5. Thickness of glass for doors (1/8"?)

  6. Thickness of glass for shelves (somewhere b/w 3/8" & 3/4")

Did I miss anything?

Please keep your comments coming...and if you have pictures, please post. I love pictures...I don't care how many times I see a kitchen, I always find something it helps to keep relevant pictures directly in a thread (at least for me!)

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How exciting, to be ordering glass! (Wish I could say the same, still waiting for my doors- carpenter has had them since August, I can't believe that I won't be getting glass in before Christmas)

I measured the glass shelves in my greenhouse window, and it is 3/8"- actually quite thick, can't imagine 3/4". 3/4" would be very heavy too!

Mine has the green edge which is appropriate for the greenhouse! :>)

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Ask about 'low iron' glass if the green edge of regular glass is a bother. Low iron glass is nearly colorless.

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LOL RaeHelen, I've had the cabinets & doors up since June... I've been procrastinating as we've been kind of in "sticker shock" at how much we've spent so far...with FR carpet, furniture, & 1st floor paint yet to buy! But, I committed to Bunco at my house in January so we have to get a move on! Everyone's been waiting impatiently for me to host again to see my Kitchen "in all it's glory"!

Ci_Lantro...I've added "low iron glass" to my list of questions...thanks!

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