Photo heavy reveal

KimSigDecember 28, 2013

This kitchen remodel started as new floors and counters, then ended up gutting and re-configuring the layout of our 1984 baby blue country kitchen! I learned so much from everyone here, it is fun to watch everyone go through this with me! The only small structural changes we made was to widen the weirdly narrow entry from the dinning room and to enlarge the window to counter level, which I love love! We still need a counter on the small bar, we are looking for a remnant that our fabricator will give us. I think we want black granite or quartz. To do the bar in the same granite as the rest of the kitchen would have required a whole extra slab! Didn't want to pay that much for the bar. We still need pulls and backsplash of course, and we just recieved the trip kit for the micro wave only to find it doesn't fit! The cabinet make made the opening too small even though I gave him the specs. We have not called him yet but have no doubt they will take care of it, they are very accommodating and I recommend them highly.
Here are a few details
Birtch craftsman cabinets from custom cabinet maker
Tobacco granite
Acacia solid hardwood distressed floor
Kitchen aid 36 inch induction with telescoping downdraft
Miele dishwasher
Kitchen aid refrigerator
Bosch 27 in double oven- a steal from Sears outlet!
Krauss 32 in single basin sink
Krauss faucet
Before photos after wallpaper was stripped


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Wow. Great vision and execution! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Very nicely done. I LOVE your floors. I haven't seen acacia before, it's gorgeous.

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Congratulations! What year was the original kitchen? It wasn't as awful as mine, but I doubt you miss it. I love and envy that bar, I would wait for a remnant, too! Your big faucet looks perfect in front of that fabulous window.

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We built the house in 1984 so lots of honey oak! Soon hopefully my master bath will no longer be dusty rose with burgundy sink, tub and shower! Oh yea we also put carpet in the master bath!? What were we thinking?

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Very pretty kitchen! I love that big window with the corner sink having that view! I love your hardwood floors! I love your counters (can you give the details for your counters... please.... ). Everything goes so well and the kitchen looks so warm, inviting and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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Beautiful! We also had carpet in our master bath. It was a mid-80's thing here.

I really like your new breakfast set. The base is very striking. We have had a glass table for years and have changed out our chairs a few times when I redecorated. It really opens up your kitchen. Enjoy!

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Thanks everyone! Lynn the granite is from Pental here in the Seattle/Tacoma area, it is called Tobacco. Here are a few photos of the slabs before fabrication. Buddysmom, it's amazing to me how few glass top tables are out there these days! I like the way it lightens up the kitchen as I felt a solid wood table would be a bit much, and I like seeing the floor through the table. The table and chairs are from Pier 1

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Awesome! You will love love love the Acacia floors! We have it throughout our entire house and it is so great. Nice to see it used in others renovation!

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Kimsig, the Tobacco granite is beautiful! Your floors are gorgeous also!

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Beautiful kitchen!

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That window! To die for! And what a lovely view.

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All of it....granite, floors, and cabinets are beautiful. I hope you enjoy the space for many years to come!

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beautiful and elegant, I love it !!

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Great redo! Just losing the ceiling light was worth it! (I used to have one just like it;)
Cant wait to see if you do some great artwork to the right of the fridge.
Kitchen's beautiful.

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The combination of your floors, cabinet color (beautiful cabinets) & granite is striking. I love your big windows & your view. Scrolling through your pics, the Acacia looks stunning with every piece of furniture you've put on it.
Your going to have to treat us to another reveal once your hardware & bar top are in.
I have the dusty rose master bath too, tile & paint. Dusty rose toilet was in a powder room.

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Never fail to be amazed by kitchen re-models where the 'before' pic has me thinking 'that's not so bad' and then the great after pics elicit a 'whoa!'. Your new kitchen looks wonderful! The floors are especially beautiful, I agree with that comment.

And how do you like your faucet? I've got one almost exactly like it (not yet installed) and I'm wondering how you like using it?

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So nice! What light fixtures are those? (My obsession of this week).

Did you manage to fit a drawer in just below the cooktop, or is that a panel?

(I thought that vegetation looked familiar-- we're neighbors.)

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What a difference! It's gorgeous. I also like the way you removed the return on the doorway into the dining room. It opened up the space so much! The granite and the floors are beautiful.

And what was it about carpeting in the bathrooms?

(Another neighbour here who recognized the evergreen vegetation - OT but my DS1 and DH have crossed the border to go to the Seahawks game today which should be so exciting).

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We are renovating our kitchen and are about the stage you are at. I'm so happy to see a kitchen that's not white. My cabinets are cherry and I was feeling a bit intimidated on this site because it seems that everyone is doing white. Don't get me wrong, the white kitchens are beautiful but I love the beauty of wood grain.

I think you have done a wonderful job and your floors and cabinets are beautiful. Please post once you've gotten the pulls and knobs. I am looking for hardware this week.

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Wow - great job - I love your granite, your island and your floors!
Love your window - do you have any moose that come visit? (Fortunately only deer in our area and our view is not very interesting)
I just want to come over and have a cup of tea at your island. (OK, I live in the midwest but can dream)

PS - I can't wait to attack our master BR - We went over budget for our kitchen, so it will be delayed - but a great way to see what everyone else does!

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Absolutely lovely. The floors are awesome, the granite is great and the cabs are really pretty. Everything works so well together...very warm and inviting. Can't wait to see what you choose for the backsplash.

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Yes ppbenn losing that horrible overhead light was fantastic, but I think we got our 40 bucks out of it! I think we picked it up at a Ernest clearance sale when we built the house. We had to save anywhere we could.
Deedles we love love the faucet. I was a bit nervous about installing it because it is so tall but I love the look, but mostly I love how it functions with my deep single basin sink.
Lori the lights are Kichler Hendrik collection. I ordered them online and had not seen them in real life until they arrived but they are exactly what I hoped for. Very well made.
No moose here in Gig Harbor, Wa but we do have deer and tons of wild rabbits. It's amazing you NW people picked up on the vegetation just from the kitchen window view, good eye!

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It looks gorgeous!
We take possession in a month, and our floors will be engineered hardwood in Acacia throughout(it's a spec home and our first home). I can't wait to see our floors so seeing yours is a special treat! Not many acacia floors in here. I will post a picture when mine are done.

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I will keep coming back to your reveal so I can drool some more. I see more great things each time I return.
I think using a different counter for that beautiful bar I will look great!
What are you thinking for your backsplash and pulls?
We don't want to leave you in the ABB club, although you have a few items to finish
Wow- gig harbor needs its own meet up
I think rhome4 also lives in the area as well.
Keep those pictures coming.

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Your remodel is beautiful!
I have never been a fan that tilted funny shaped island, so I especially appreciate that you straightened it out and enlarged it. Looks so much better to me!

Are you also liking the move for the refridgerator? I like that move too and am assuming that it now gives you two ovens since I would bet that your oven was in the island? I can't see it in the before pics.

Very nice and your counters are gorgeous!

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Great job! I really like the new layout. Isn't it so nice to be finished, but what do we obsess over now.........

It's beautiful, enjoy!

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Gorgeous kitchen! Love everything, especially the floors

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Congratulations! Your faucet and counters are amazing.

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Fantastic job.... Nice kitchen.

Do have a question on your countertop

You say it's granite....
I went to a local cabinet maker here on Long Island and fell in love with the color.... Tobacco.
The name was Pental Quartz - not granite.
Can you clarify.

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Pental is where we bought our slabs here in seattle/Tacoma Wa area. There is granite named Tobacco and also a quartz named Tobacco! Ours is granite but we did see the slabs of quartz and they are similar in color to our granite. If you go to Pentals website there are pictures of both products

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What a gorgeous space - thank you for sharing.
How do you like the downdraft behind the induction cooktop? Is it adequate?

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Thanks KimSig for clarifying.

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I have been looking at Acacia flooring…yours is gorgeous! Is it solid or engineered? Can you give me more information about it?

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KimSig - Love how it turned out! Wondering how much granite overhang is on your island? Looks like a perfect length.

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Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the wood floors against your cabinets and your beautiful granite! Quite a striking combination and lots of great counter space! Love the calm feeling of the new colors and the great window.

I was wondering if you like the switch of the refrigerator and ovens and how that has improved things for you.

A possible thought for your bar area (very nice BTW) countertop is if they still have the granite piece from your cooktop cutout (a remnant they or you kept?) that you could use that in the center and have all four of the edges (1-3" border or so depending on total size) in a black or darker granite. So it looks like a dark piece with your same georgeous granite in the middle, does that make sense? Or if they don't have that remnant, you could get a black or darker granite as the large center and have the edges (again a 1-3" border or so or more) with your same tobacco granite if they or you kept any even smaller sections. That might give you some options and blend what you already have very well. Just a suggestion :). I'm sure you will find something right for the space.

Great transformation!!!

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Pwanna1, we love love the acacia floor. It still makes me stop and look at it when I come downstairs in the morning! It almost glows, the colors are beautiful! Ours is solid 3/4 in hardwood. The brand is Kentwood natural Acacia antiqued. It is distressed and has the handscraped look. I wanted something that would not show if I dropped something and dinged the floor. Also we have a 55 lb dog who has nails that we can't seem to get very short. It is a very hard floor and we would highly recommend this floor.
Building soon, our granite has a eyebrow curve on the barstool side that is 15 at the widest and 12 towards the end. Our granite fabricator suggested we go as long as we could and not wate any of the island slab so each end is a 8 inch over hang. It gives me more counter space and although we don't keep any barstool at the end if we had a crowd we could seat someone at each end even though it is not the proper depth for seating.

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