3rd oven/MW help-- Miele speed oven?

jeweleeeDecember 11, 2013

(xposting from appliance forum as well)
I've found these forums so incredibly helpful. We are just in the final throws of having to decide on appliances. We are going with the 48" BlueStar RNB, which has one huge oven and one good size oven. I'm planning for a wall oven/micro combo and a warming drawer but could use a sanity check.

-We like to entertain--Thanksgiving can be 30-40 people, and one year we had to have 3 turkeys. Hence the desire for a 3rd overflow oven

-We do microwave a fair bit as we have young kids, only really for reheating stuff for them when time is tight

-I looked at steam ovens but we don't steam a lot-- my husband likes crisp veggies so I wok or blanch them quickly, we don't eat much rice, and I wish I could get him to eat more fish but basically only when I roast/grill it with a flavorfull sauce will he touch it

What I'm thinking about for the wall stack is the Miele speed oven and the Miele warming drawer. Not sure I really need a warming drawer but we are doing a high end kitchen and sorta feels like I need one? Is that crazy? Plus I'm worried a small wall oven without anything else in the stack might look odd?

Are there other oven/mw combos I should consider instead of the Miele? The combo is definitely pricey and I don't love that it looks so modern as our kitchen will be pretty classic cape cod style-- white cabinets/carrera counters, except island will be blue with blue marble. But it seems to get good reviews and I'm at a loss for what else to do. Or if it is worth the money.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I have the Miele speed oven, and also a Blue Star 30 RNB. Have found the Miele to be a good complement to the Blue Star. I had a similar concern, as we have a vintage looking kitchen. The Miele is installed under counter so it is not in your face, at least not nearly as much as it would have been if installed higher up. We like it under counter and we use it a lot, in all of its modes.

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I don't mean to hijack, but Sayde, I have been meaning to post a shout out to you. I think you and I may be the only two GW members with a Blue Star RNB and a Miele Chef Speed Oven (as opposed to a Master Chef). I really like the speed oven, but I don't use the combi functions very much because I have just no idea what to set the thing on.

Can you give me a bunch of examples of things you use the combi functions for and most importantly, what time and temperature you use? Thanks so much in advance.

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nycbluedevil --

I use the combi for things like lamb-stuffed eggplant, lasagna, vegetable dishes like the Ottolenghi parsnips and sweet potatoes -- dense casserole type things and vegetables mostl. I use whatever temp the recipe calls for and just run it for about 2/3 or 1/2 the time. It is very trial and error. I have used it mostly for things that are not terribly sensitive. I use the Blue Star for broiling and baking because we usually need the full oven size.

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Thanks Sayde! Lamb-stuffed eggplant, yummy. I'm going to try to do some roasted cauliflower this weekend. Usually, I just bake it but I really want to learn to use the combin functions more.

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