Ordering inset kitchen cabinets online

tortoise2013December 12, 2012

Hi -- Does anyone know of any on-line sources for inset cabinets? I won't go through a dealer; indeed, I will never step foot inside a kitchen design outlet again, having just been charged $20k by such a place for big name cabinets that turned out to be made of particle board. But I digress.

Looking for an online source with reliable and utterly impersonal service. Thanks

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I was very close to placing my order through cabinetprosupply.com for inset Medallion (its their Platinum line) cabs. I ultimately placed my order with JustCabinets (local to the northeast I think, slightly better price, and I liked having the face-to-face connection even though it wasn't a designer). Nonetheless, the guy at cabinetprosupply.com was super helpful, giving me multiple quotes as I worked out my final layout and tweaked my extras to come in line with my budget. I would feel comfortable using them in the future.

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Many thanks. I'll check them out.

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The whole point of using inset is to do a high end and custom look. That means doing many modifications that the average internet retailer doesn't do, and the average cabinet purchaser doesn't understand or appreciate. The cabinets are only about 40% of the equation. The modifications to make things work in your space are another 30%, and the install is the remaining 30%. Unless you can accurately specify those modifications and have a top notch installer who can scribe those stiles to the walls etc., then your money is being wasted on attempting the look.

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Oh, I love my online vendor: Brian and TheCabinetJoint.com. He is the most patient person in the world. My cabinets (the ones I've been able to afford -- I'm destitute) are just plain beautiful.

But I agree about installation. I've done it myself because my layout is very straight forward. If you don't have the confidence in your measuring and installation skills, it's better to find someone who can do it for you.

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Thanks, GreenDesigns and CEFreeman. Fortunately, I do have a marvelous installer. Thank God for that. He's the one thing that's saved me from KD-hell.

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