Replacing broken Kitchen Island

symanDecember 14, 2012

Have a white Kitchen Island with a Granite top that just gave in due to age and weight I would imagine, since its like 15 years old and not hardwood. Hunting for a replacement white cabinet (base?) island to replace the broken, one. But I am finding it so hard to find any at all online.. I am looking for an island(base) with doors on both sides, on which I can re-use my granite tip....Any tips anyone?

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If you are looking for a complete island there are some listed in kitchen furniture on signature hardware dot com. I was just looking at them today. They have butcher block tops and are very pretty a little pricey but not outrageous. You will probably have to go to a box store and order an island from their suppliers which I have also thought of doing instead of spending all the money to have our's repainted and new top it might just be as cheap to start from scratch!!

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You won't find what you're looking for off the shelf or in a basic line. You need to be talking to some kitchen designers about ordering peninsula cabinets (cabinets that are finished on two sides and have two operable doors) and then potentially recessing the toekick on the ends, adding some decorative feet, and also finishing the sides off with applied cabinet doors. All of the above are special modifications at an upcharge in a semi custom line.

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Syman - YOu mean the cabinets broke? Pictures please. And dimensions of the granite.

You will not find the whole island for sale - they are built in pieces.

The easy way to do an island is to use ready-made cabinets, set back-to-back on a toekick, finish the ends with something like beadboard and put on the top.

You can also use dressers, desks, old tables or anything else that holds up heavy tops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Build island from cabinets

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