Justifying the Expense of the Backsplash

motherof3sonsDecember 4, 2012

First, please let me say thank you to everyone that followed and posted on my backsplash threads (Cabinetmaker gone...Parts I and II). This journey will soon be over - I hope.

The purpose of this thread is to justify the cost of the backsplash. Each of you that remodeled, redecorated or built a new home know what I am talking about. Cabinets are expensive, counters are expensive, flooring is expensive - it all adds up. So, why is it that the backsplash is an area that is "cheaped out?" Please do not misunderstand this statement. I did not agonize over the cost of the cabinets, appliances, or counters as I am this dang backsplash! The energy and time I expended on the backsplash is more than spent on counters, flooring, etc. However, the cost of the backsplash is much less than any of those mentioned. And, let's not forget the small fortune spent on cabinetry hardware.

The wonderful owner of the granite and tile shop dropped the price by 30% because 1) I have a lifetime discount for purchasing counters and 2) I kept after him for a greater discount. He is bound by the distributors with 'X' for a profit margin. When I closed out our last telephone call, he said, "I am going to work these numbers backwards with the distributor. This is your price out the door."

In closing, I am making the phone call to order the backsplash tile. No Christmas at our house this year. :-)

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It certainly is Christmas at your house. You have a wonderful new kitchen. So make it a foody Christmas and make everyone's favs in your new kitchen.

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You don't need to justify it. You will love that tile just as much as every other part of your kitchen. It was carefully chosen. Often the right backsplash is what really finishes off the kitchen and takes it to the "next level". You might not be getting a bottle of perfume this year, but you will be getting a back splash. Maybe Santa will bring you some. . . . . G R O U T !!! And maybe some caulk in your stocking!

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Sixtyohno - Your kitchen is one of my all time faves! The subway tile backsplash makes me smile every time I look at it. Your cabinets are stunning with the clean lines and who can forget the counters!!! But, I have to say the floor rugs just draw me in. They are beautiful and fit so well in the space.

Bee - Well, you know how much I admire your taste and appreciate the advise. I did not get the light fixture we discussed, but I did get a very simple fixture with a unique glass. My next time east, I am going to email for a "meet 'n greet"!

Thank you for both for posting. I can't wait to get my new backsplash!

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Oh boy, can't wait to see what you picked and how you chose to have it set!

As to the expense, oh one gets so worn down by the renovation process, and the 'need' to make a decision on tile. As the months go on, the expensive tile which was a resounding NO initially becomes a possibility, if it will just look right.

OK this is terrible. I have 2 teenagers. Sometimes I think of kitchen purchases (gosh, let's pick a random item like a fully integrated fridge) in terms of what we'll be paying for college (50K plus/year). 5-7K (for the big purchase) vs 50K x 4 years (hopefully no more) x 2 kids? Hmmm, a drop in the bucket. Feel free to use my 'Theory of Relativity' anytime you need to justify a large purchase :)

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Go for it as it will make your dream kitchen complete. I am remodeling a master bath now and its seems like it costing more than the kitchen remodel.

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OB2B - I like your Theory of Relativity! I certainly recall the college tuition days! Our kids chose a state school so tuition was somewhat reasonable. I had three great days in my life - when each son called to say they had a J O B with benefits! My disposable income increased significantly. Thanks for the assistance with the photos and stay tuned for the reveal after the holidays!

Sofla - I know about the cost of a bathroom. The cost to install the tile was way out of the budget. Ouch!

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