replacing my kitchen desk

renov8rDecember 10, 2013

With the new renovation, I am not planning to have a desk. I will be losing my area for my printer, files, and shredder. I would love to see photos of what others have done to keep these items in a kitchen when there is not desk area.

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I don't have a photo because the kitchen isn't quite done yet...but we've got a peninsula in our new kitchen. At the end of the peninsula we have double doors under the counter, and two pullouts. We'll put the printer/scanner/copier on the top pullout, printer paper, shredder, etc on the bottom pullout. We've asked the electrical guy to install an outlet inside the cabinet....Above the double doors is a drawer that we'll use for our "junk" drawer - stapler, scissors, etc. We opted to not have a desk in the kitchen because we only have laptops now, and we both use the computers all over the house - nice to not be tied to a desk.

Most of our files are on our laptops (networked, natch); the hard copies that we use infrequently are in a smallish file cabinet in another room.

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I put in dual caves in our sunroom for our desk and files
There is a pull out "cutting board" to use as a work surface.
The bottom drawer can be files plus I have another file cabinet style piece of furniture in the great room.
I don't have a printer in the caves but you could put one in.
Also, my shreddie machine is in another room.

Here is a picture with the drawers open

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a2gemini - those cabinets are awesome. Were they custom made? I like how the doors slide in. What are the dimensions of these cabinets? I am putting in a floor to ceiling cabinet that will serve as my pantry. Perhaps I could put a pull our drawer at the bottom for the printer. I think the shredder will have to go somewhere else.

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I don't use a printer often enough to want it in the kitchen - I have a desktop in the family room, and the printer lives there. Shredder is in a closet, come out a couple of times a month.

But I file stuff often. I got rid of a desk in my kitchen remodel, so I added file drawers to a floor-to-ceiling cabinet wall. The drawer above is for phone book, pens, scissors, stamps, check book, etc. - desk stuff.

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Thanks for posting the photo. I don't really have another place for my printer. Our kitchen table will probably end up being our desk. Kids are gone from our house now but I don't want to travel stairs for the printer. We tried that and it didn't work.

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Maybe a wireless printer will give you new design options.

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Could the printer fit in a drawer?

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We have a spot by the front door where we have a command center of sorts. It's not totally finished, but it's most definitely in use. (Please excuse the cluttery reveal.) The printer is in the lower cabinet. We don't have a shredder, but if we did, I think it could fit down there, too.

DH stands at this spot every night and unloads from his day: clipboard, paperwork, dayplanner, etc. And his boots. : ) Wonder what he has on his feet today, LOL.

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