Kenmore dishwasher soap dish flush against rack & can't open.

SalvaDecember 27, 2013

I have a Kenmore dishwasher model: 665.16645890. We recently moved into this home. After unclean dishes numerous times I observed the main soap cup never opened to let out soap. I wound the lid spring tighter. I removed the inner door panel and cleaned and tested the soap lid release mechanism. After re-assembly, the soap lid springs opens vigorously w/good spring action at the proper time when I manually turn the timer. IT WILL NOT OPEN WITH THE FRONT DOOR IS CLOSED. As I closed the door slowly and observe, the soap cup lid (when closed) fits flush against the lower rack which does not permit the soap cup lid to open. At best the cup unlocks and remains a-jar but not open. At the end of a complete washing cycle, soap remains in the cup.

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Is the lower rack in backwards?

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I think my drawer functions properly, but a repair guy once told me just to throw the tablets in the bottom of the machine and not use the drawer. We do it that way without any problems.

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