Blanco Silgranit Sink--is there room for trash under sink?

cathy725December 16, 2012

I'm trying to plan out my cabinets and I have limited options. I want to know if those of you with Blanco Silgranit sinks (especially the 10" deep ones) have any room in the sink cabinet for a trash can. I'm trying to design a trash cabinet pull-out, but it sure would make my design better if I could put the trash under the sink. I think there might not be enough room under the sink.

Thanks for your help. I'm looking at the performa medium 1 3/4 sink.

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I have a Kohler farm sink, set on inset cabinets, so my doors are onliy 17 1/2 " tall. I got a double trash can pull-out from Container Store tnat works perfectly!!


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Hi cathy725,

I have a similar 10" deep Silgranit sink. A double bin pull-out certainly won't work because of the drain pipes, but a bottom mount like the Rev-A-Shelf linked below may do the trick, provided you just use the front bin.

I measure a 13" clearance from my drain pipe to just inside the cabinet door (11" on the side with the garbage disposal.) Height from the bottom of the sink to the cabinet floor is 19 1/2". You may have to call to get more detailed specs, but a bottom mount looks to me like a viable option.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-A -Shelf bottom mount trash container

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I have the Performa Medium 1 3/4 with the reva-shelf 4WCBM Series Soft Open-Soft Close slide system waste pullout. I actually had to cut about a 1/2 inch off the plastic waste basket so that it would clear the bottom of the sink. I just measured the waste basket height and it is 17 1/2 tall after the surgery I did on it. It just fits now. I could have looked for a shorter waste basket but thought I would just try modifying the one that came with the the system and it worked. So what ever pullout system you go with just check the specs for the opening height and if it is only off by a little you could possibly get a shorter waste basket or just trim the one that comes with it.
I am glad I was able to have the pullout under the sink as I didn't have another space for it in my kitchen design. Hope you can make it work. Here is a picture of my setup

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Thanks everyone!
Badgergal--what is the capacity of your trash can?

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Cathy, the trash can is a 35 qt.
According to the specs. It is
Width: 14-3/8"
Depth: 10-1/2"
Height: 17-7/8"

I have it under the larger portion of the sink. I have a garbage disposal under the smaller basin. There is not much room for anything else under the sink as you can see in this photo.

I still am glad I have the pullout. I also have the cutting board that fit the sink. ( if you get one, be sure to check online sites. It was considerably cheaper than through the plumbing supply store). As I said on a previous post. I can stand at the sink with the trash container pulled out, chop on the cutting board and put things that don't go in the disposal right into the trash. My dishwasher is to the right of the sink so I can stand in the middle, scrape to the disposal or trash and then load dishwasher to the right. My dish and pots/pan drawers are across from the sink. I have enough aisle width to have the drawers and the trash pullout and dishwasher fully open at the same time. Works great for me.
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We have the Blanco Silgranit D (I forget the size but it was the largest to fit in a 30" cabinet).

We tried a couple different pullouts for the right side of this cabinet and then DH made a very simple drawer for me which has worked well. We store the trash bags behind it. This is a slim 10" square trashcan but we have a second, larger one in the prep area, as well as two for recycling. Good luck!

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