white macaubus with blue hues

Super45sonicDecember 12, 2013

I have been looking for white macaubus for the longest time. Due to one reason or another just couldn't find the right slab. Today I stumbled upon this one. But unlike the normal grey tone, this piece has blues in it. Has anyone seen one like this? The blue obviously is due to the presence of other minerals that are not seen in those "clean" ones. I am just worried if these new minerals may change the stain/etch resistance. I can't get any sample so have to make the decision just by its look.

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Here is a close up

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Don't trust, verify. Take a glass jar and do the "karinMT" scratch test on the edge of the slab. Some people slab names on slabs that are from entirely new regions. I say this because I found some white slabs with grey and blue (but more crystalline) that was really marble. Yours has the Macaubus-like horizontal veins but those blue patches remind me of the stone I saw.

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doesn't look right.....keep looking. the blue areas look like long smudge marks and they don't complement the overall feel.

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I think I am sitting on the fence. I have seen some white macaubus with brown patches and those are like coffee stains, which I do not like. This is the first time I see blues. Not in patches. Rather it is in a diffused pattern. And it is in a more subtle way compared with the brown cofee stains I have seen before.The color blue actually will work very well with the rest of the kitchen. But since I have never seen this before, it gives me a pause as I don't know what i am getting into. I will be back to the stone yard tomorrow to do a scratch test on glass.

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Sneak in some lemons too to rub against it to do a etch test!

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It actually looks very similar to my white macaubus, minus the blue hues. I think it looks very nice. I would try and get as close as you can to see what makes up the blue. My stone has a couple of areas of a light yellow, but its all quartz. I would imagine the same to be with your stone just in blue. The stone itself is quartzite, so I wouldnt worry about etching or staining. I would worry about chipping in weak areas like over a chunk of quartz. If it goes well with your kitchen, I would be excited.
Good Luck.

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What's the "karinMT" scratch test?

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Mags, there's a series of threads with info about how to tell quartzite from marble and other rock questions. The one linked below describes the scratch test at the very top.

Supersonic, your rock sure does look like White Macaubus. If the blue is diffused then it's likely in the "cement" that is holding the rock together. This is from minerals dissolved in groundwater that circulate through the rock. Cement alters the color (especially on a white rock) but does not usually affect the properties of the rock itself.

But as always the case with rocks, buyer beware. Do some tests and see what happens. Keep us posted!


Here is a link that might be useful: rocks thread

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