A question about trimming granite

MizLizzieDecember 3, 2012

To start, is it even possible to alter granite once it is in?

We are still trying to keep our existing granite and sink in our kitchen update since we couldn't find anything we liked better. The primary purpose of reno is to get a bigger island, and go to induction cooking. Keeping granite means a slide in, like our current range. I happened upon an Appliance thread that made me realize our chosen model (the E-lux) is not going to go back far enough in our granite. In part because our hole is too shallow, and in part because our granite overhang is 1.5 inches. (The current range doesn't look great, honestly.)

I think if the hole went back another half inch, and the granite could be discreetly cut back half an inch where the stove front curls around it, it might work. Is this something that can be done installed? Or must it be ripped out? Or will anyone even work on granite once it is installed?

Thanks for any advice.

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No idea about the granite. But I almost got the Elux slide in you mention. It has very specific requirements for counter height, etc. if you haven't already, download the spec sheet and see if that's the only problem. I learned after the fact that not all slide ins are that fussy, and I could have got my GE in the slide in style with no worries. Still happy with the freestanding range, but the slide in looks sharp!

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I have a freestanding range, one I didn't replace when I had my kitchen reno. One side of the quartz counter that abuts the stove was about 1/2 inch too long, laterally. We could barely get the stove back in its space and it couldn't be centered. The fabricator came back and cut the edge back in place. I don't remember it creating an excessive mess. Seems it's do-able.

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Doable... my bridge behind my range was too deep originally, so my quartz installers came back and trimmed it in place. They made a "wall" around the area out of poly-tarp taped in place. Two guys, ~20 minutes.

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Co-Co again to my rescue! Thank you, Linelle. You guys are reassuring. I will have a fabricator coming on site. They are tearing off my old 4" granite splash, and installing marble on my island. I will throw myself on their mercy.

Williamsen, I do have a slide-in currently. I looked at the GE and it was coming in a hair too tall. I did download the specs after seeing Co-Co's exhaustive info on the E-lux over on the Appliance forum. The Kenmore is just not to my taste, and the spec sheet on it is nearly identical to the E-Lux.

Interestingly, there is a new Italian induction up today at AJM. Link below. Brand is Ilve? I know nothing of them. It looks a lot like the Viking, and is still pricey. Not quite a slide in but close.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ilve induction range

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