Gooster, and any other "Albertiners"

mtnrdredux_gwDecember 11, 2013

Okay, so my blue Chambers has gotten away. I can get a white one and wait four months, but I'm getting a little frustrated.

So I went back to my spreadsheet of 36-40" freestanding gas ranges that come in colors (I don't want stainless) and cost less than $10k. I narrowed it down to Berta, Ilve, Bluestar, and the CornueFake Albertine. DH voted Albertine and I ordered it in Ivory. I have not seen it. I don't know if WS stores have these on the floor, I guess I should check!

I believe it is only sold thru Wms Sonoma. Their customer service staff is friendly but not knowledgable. So, a few question for Albertine owners.

1. Why did I have the impression that a US company makes this? I can't seem to find that info. I chose it in part because I want something easy to service if need be. I thought this was a very ordinary range made by a third party, with a skin on it to echo some of the Cornue design elements? True?
2. Did you happen to notice the finish (if any) on the sides of the range?
3. Is there anything tricky about using it? My LaC requires a little experience to turn on the oven. Anything like that?
4. Does the mfr spec any particular rangehood specs?

Thanks in advance.

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So sorry to hear about the blue Chambers!

I am a happy owner of a 6 month old CornuFake and I did not buy mine at Williams-Sonoma. They are carried by specialty dealers and even select chains (Ferguson and Pacific Sales). Their US distributor is Purcell Murray and they have two showrooms in California. I was able to see several different models on displays at various specialty retailers.

1. They are made by the AGA Rangemaster group, who owns both AGA and La Cornue. I believe they are made on the same manufacturing line that makes the AGA Pro, because the burners are substantially similar (as opposed of course, to the true original factory). The ovens are different sized. When I researched it, some people claimed that the construction quality differed, although parts are clearly shared.
2. I don't recall exactly but I think the sides matched my door base, except were smooth with no strapping.
3. The operation is simple, as with any other dual-fuel range. The burners do require a press, light and release motion.
4. There are no particular rangehood specs, as far as I can tell. I followed the typical BTU recommendations and chose a 600 cfm hood (59,500 total BTUs output). The manual is on the lacornue usa website if you want to look at it.

As you probably already know, the 1908 uses a vaulted oven, like the original La Cornues.

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Thanks so much, Gooster for your quick reply!

I was wondering why I thought the Albertine was only through WS, so I looked. It says "exclusively at WS"?
Hmm. And I don't see it on the La Cornue site. Odd you saw it at Purcell Murray! How was the price? WS is basically 8k, delivered.

I have only ever looked at La Cornue, for my primary home, which I rejected for the oven size and relative cost.
Frankly, I would expect the construction quality to differ, since the CornueFe is so much less then La Cornue, and the Albertine is less still. But I don't need a bank vault, I just wanted a decent stove that looks nice!

It seems as though they are catching on how many people love the Aga styling and the La Cornue styling but not the way they function (always on, too small oven, etc). Aga has a new cooker that turns on and off electronically! One of the four "ovens" actually hides the control panel...

Anyway, glad you like yours! It looks great in your lovely kitchen.

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No problem, I'm still TKO and planning the update of the kitchen in my 2nd home.

That's odd regarding the W&S web site. The La Cornue USA site calls the Albertine the 90. I think they stopped importing the 90, probably due to the oven size. The specs are linked below. I think W&S has an exclusive on certain color combinations but not the entire line.

I believe the tops on the Albertine and 110 are substantially similar (same burners specs and grates). The build quality on the 90 and 110 seem identical, from what I've seen. They are of course a step down from the La Cornue, but I suspect they are built together.

I didn't actually see it at Purcell Murray; I did see an Albertine on display at Floorcraft in SF and 90s/110s at other dealers. I think pricing is uniform, but I managed to snag a deal, which tipped the scales for me vs. others.

Here is a link that might be useful: LaCornueUSA called the 90. Link to Spec Page.

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Gooster, I somehow missed this. Thank you again! I do think what is exclusive about WS Albertine then, is the colors.

Maybe I can find one to look at.

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if you are going to buy an 8K item from Williams Sonoma, you better get the 10% off coupon and buy it thru the credit card company that gives you 4 points per dollar spent. Do it for us ordinary folk.

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What 10% coupon? I'm sure it does not apply. I already tried to get a deal by taking their credit card, and, lo and behold, it does not apply to this purchase. The old "eligible items" nonsense.

I get travel points on my card, which I do indeed use!

And detroit, i just know you are not "ordinary"!

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