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alsperkinsDecember 9, 2012

Nothing can really be changed now except for the location of appliances but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how I could have a wall oven with a microwave above it instead of a microwave about the range. I don't mind having the oven and range together but I hate having the microwave above - I am pretty short. :)

*the desk area is instead going to be a cabinet for appliances that I don't use a lot so losing a cabinet won't bother me.

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Did you post a layout? Its not showing up

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Well darn, let's see if it'll work this time...

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Deleted my post because I must really be tired! I read that the MW would be below the's time to go to bed!!!

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Have you considered a drawer MW?

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I didn't even know drawer MW existed - I will check that out!

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If you are talking about adding a wall oven with the MW above it, you can do a tall stack (no counter) - have a drawer below and cabinets above - or you can do a wall oven below the counter with the MW on a shelf that is part of an upper cabinet.

Both options have their pros and cons. With the first, the wall oven is not right down on the floor and hard to get stuff into and out of, but the MW has no landing space beneath it, only the island or counter across or to the side of it. If you do the second, the MW has landing space right below it but the wall oven is very low.

If you will keep the range, the wall oven would be your secondary oven, so I would go with the second option. If you're switching to a cooktop and the wall oven will be your only oven, my choice would depend on whether you use the oven or MW more, if you often cook really heavy stuff in the oven, how tall everyone is, etc.

In either case, I would put them next to the fridge in this layout.

By the way, if that's an overhang for seating at your island, it's too shallow. 15" is the minimum recommended depth, and I did 18" since we are tall in my family. You need room for people's knees :)

Also, I would switch the DW to the other side of the sink so an open DW doesn't get in your way while you are prepping dinner, and to get it closer to the dining area.

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