Slight OT: Slippers for wood in the kitchen

homey_birdDecember 1, 2012


I have wood flooring in my kitchen and I find that during winter months it's a bit uncomfortable walking in the kitchen to make morning tea or coffee etc. I am eyeing the Dearfoam Clogs at Costco but was not sure if their non skid sole will scratch the wood floor (wood floor is pre-finished brazilian cherry, pretty hard, but still wondering).

To clarify a bit: I am looking at *not* putting a rug in the kitchen although that's another strategy to reduce the discomfort. My floors are beautiful and I want to show them off.

Has anyone tried these and what's been the experience like? Thanks in advance!

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Go to Sierra Trading Post and get the acorn brand slippers. I just got 2 for me and one for DH . I used a the savings coupon that I get via email. They are very very inexpensive, have great ratings and are REALLY comfortable. No scratching for sure. Nice sole that you can wear outside to take out the trash etc if you need to , very well padded. c

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I use a pair of boiled wool clogs - they have rubber treads on the bottom -
They cost a bit more but my feet love them! I have a pinched nerve in my foot and need a bit more support at times, although I keep looking at the acorn slippers and also a pair of Merrills.
My current ones are Stegman - there are other companies that make them

I think any slipper style will not scratch your wood unless you get a stone stuck in the sole.

Go make your feet happy :-)

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I can't imagine a nonskid slipper scratching a floor if regular shoes don't. Or a floor finish that can't stand up to slippers, for that matter. [grin] I think you'll be fine! I am pretty sure some of my slippers in the past have been Dearfoams (my current ones might be too, I don't remember). I always buy slippers with indoor/outdoor soles so I can get the newspaper without having to change shoes.

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Ok, thanks for all the encouraging words. Regarding NorthCarolina's response -- you are right that if shoes do not scratch the floor then slippers won't. I would not know since we do not wear shoes inside the house and our wood floor is brand new and so I do not have any experience. The previous material was vinyl and it was really ugly, so much so that we were beyond caring. So this whole feeling of love is new to me and I want it to last forever :-)

Anyway, still would love to hear more experiences and recommendations for slippers!

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Another rec for Acorn slippers. DH got a pair of the men's slippers, and I got the women's during our kitchen reno actually. I don't know why that was the catalyst (neither of us were slipper wearers up until that point in time), but it was!

Once the weather starts to get cooler, I wear them morning and evening (over my socks--my feet are usually cold!).

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I have a pair of Acorn clog-type slippers with wool shearling lining. Comfy, supportive, and WARM!

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