Anyone in metro Atlanta use Precision Stoneworks or La Piedra

TSG1104December 13, 2012

I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has used Precision Stoneworks or La Piedra as their granite fabricator. When we remodeled our kitchen, we used Marmi who handled everything. However, their quote for our bathroom came back way over our budget. We found the same stone at AGM in Lawrenceville, but they are only a supplier and do not fabricate or install. We've received two quotes of about the same price from La Piedra and Precision Stoneworks - both almost half the cost of Marmi. I'm just not finding many reviews of either online.

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We're in Atlanta and used TopSouth a couple of times. They are also called Granite Direct Warehouse I believe. I thought I had heard of all of them but the two you mention I do not have any knowledge of. What part of ATL are you in north, south, east or west? Frankly, I think they all have their problems. We've used three different ones from all parts of town and all three were more or less a disappointment, it's seems it's now the degree of disappointment you can live with in this brave new world we live in. It would be nice if they sent people out that can communicate with you and just not claim they don't speak English when you have a question. If you call Dal Tile off of Howell Mill on Ellsworth Industrial Road, they will give you some suggestions on who is on their list of acceptable fabricators. Good luck!

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We're in north Gwinnett. We decided today to go with Precision Stoneworks in Buford. I was able to find a few good reviews for them online. We went up and met with them this afternoon and they were able to answer all our questions.

I will say that we had good experiences with Marmi for both our kitchen and bar area. I would have no hesitation recommending their service. They had a great selection and I haven't seen our kitchen stone at any other place. We would have used them again except that their price on this particular stone was much higher.

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