Need a Custom Cabinetmaker Seattle Area-Recommendations Anyone?

vickevetteDecember 7, 2011

We are redoing our kitchen in the Seattle area and need a recommendation for a good cabinetmaker that does furniture-grade custom fitted cabinetry. Anyone?

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I am a custom cabinetmaker in NJ. I would suggest googling "custom cabinetmaker seattle" and looking at different maker's websites. I get many new customers this way. Hope you find someone, hiring local is a good thing.

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Canyon creek is right near you. They are more of a national brand than a local shop. But I know they do a lot of work in the surrounding area. They have a nice showroom there at the plant in Monroe.

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I was hoping breezy would chime in, I believe she used Mike Eppard of Cornerstone Cabinets. Last I heard she loves her cabinets and they sure are beautiful. I hope she'll jump in here with a update. I'm about to give Mike a call for a bid.


Here is a link that might be useful: I believe this is who she used

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If you are anything north of Seattle (or willing to drive an hour), I can very highly recommend Cecil at Carpet One in Mount Vernon. When I couldn't find anyone, I asked here and was referred to Cecil. I thought "Carpet One?? I don't even want any carpet in the house!" But we were headed that way so we called him and stopped to meet him. After having met with several other designers, I knew right off the bat that Cecil knew his business. Our cabinets were just installed and everything fit perfectly. It became clear to us that there is SO much more to kitchen design than just filling the space with cabinets. He had the cabinet company make custom changes to some of the cabinets for better use of space. No problem. Cecil listened to us, he was very patient with changing minds, and he was really just a joy to work with. He answers emails promptly and really does care that you get the kitchen you want. Most of our communication was via email and he was good about sending revised plans every time we made a change.
Whoever you go with, good luck, have fun and know that it will all work out in the end!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mt. Vernon Carpet One

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I just reread your post, you are looking for a cabinetmaker, not a designer. Maybe someone else can use the information!

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Athome is right! I used Mike. (Funny, I didn't even know he had a website!) I highly recommend him and give him credit both as a cabinet maker and as someone to work with.

I love my cabinets. They are well-made, solid, dovetail joints, and all wood. I chose a shaker style, which he does with a reverse raised panel so they're very solid. His price was within a couple hundred dollars of other semi-custom lines I had quoted, but I got much higher quality cabs and the ability to customize to my heart's content. He's building our master bath vanity also, pending a wood decision on my part.

Mike is calm, worked around several scheduling issues, is happy to try something new, and always has a positive disposition. All of this was important to me while doing a whole-house reno acting as my own GC without a clue sometimes what I was doing. When I called his references, the first thing everyone told me was how great a person he was. That said a lot to me.

I found him from another member here from Newcastle. She was just getting her cabs installed when I was looking for mine. She graciously let me come see her kitchen.

Here's a wider shot of my kitchen.

Oh, I should mention that we were so impressed with his work in our kitchen, that we've had him build some cabs for the master and some built-ins in the living area of our house. He's also currently bidding my master closet and we'll have him do the built-in TV/entertainment/bookcase cab area in the FR next year.

When you are comparing cab bids, make sure you factor in the installation costs and labor to install the pulls/knobs. Mike line items his install costs on his bid and includes the pulls install.

Athome--Great to hear you're going to call Mike! Tell him you heard about him from Wendy.

Let me know if you have other questions!

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Thanks Wendy, I will mention that to him...we've already made one contact by email, mentioning the Garden Forum, and we'll be contacting him again for a proposal after we're certain we have our layout perfected, which sadly has everything on hold.

Did Mike have samples for you to see? Door styles and the like, or did you show him a style you wanted?

By the way, your kitchen is looking spectacular!

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Thanks, Athome!

Mike didn't need to bring me samples as I knew EXACTLY what I wanted--shaker. Since he's a small, one-man shop, he may not have lots of door styles sitting around, but he's great at asking for pics of something if he's unsure exactly what you're asking. Then he can always make you a door if it's something less common. He hires his painting out to a pro painter. (In fact, I hired her to paint my house full of trim and interior and exterior doors also.) You can pick any color you like! He does, I think, have some stained wood samples if you're going that route.

I forgot. His price also includes crown and toe kick skin in for all his cabs. Oh, and includes end panels for every end. Nice!

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I used superior cabinets, they are beech with a light stain

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Thanks to all for advice, and thanks breezygirl for posting pics. Your kitchen is really nice, and the cabinets look great! Could you share the name of the painter too? They did a beautiful job.

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I'll toss in one more company who appears to be making Premium Furniture style cabinetry. I'm going to check them out in person soon.

Baked on finishes, unlimited species, and they are fussy about the details.
There's a lot to read about at their site.

Spencer Cabinetry located north of Seattle in Monroe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spencer Cabinetry

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Here's a thread with photos of a Seattle kitchen with custom cabinetry that includes some ingenious storage and space-saving features (that's why I remember it). The homeowner credits the cabinetmaker with having come up with many of the storage ideas. Link to cabinetmaker's website is in the thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seattle kitchen

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Working with them now. Great folks and fine work.

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Not a local cabinet maker but one that does high end furniture grade cabinetry - Kennebec Cabinetry - they are located in Bath, Me & work nationally

Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: kennebec cabinetry

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Hacienda Custom Woodwork

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Cabinets and furniture

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to colin3:
I noticed this is an old thread, but I am in the market looking for a cabinet maker for mast bedroom, closet and Bath. I need built-in cabinets, vanity, linen cabinet and closet shelves, etc. Not big job but want something solid. How's you job turned out? I call this place yesterday and will go take a look when I got chance. It seems they are not very busy right now, maybe it is good news for me. Thanks

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Hi liveinseattle-- so do I (live in Seattle). We had to have very custom cabs for our upstairs master-- 90 year old bungalow, lots of alcoves, slanted ceilings, nothing square, level or plumb. We had our cabinetry done by Steve Lesser. I don't know where you are, but he has a shop in Ballard. He does exquisite work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stephan Lesser Woodworking, Seattle

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Thank you Lori
We are not too far from Ballard, will definitely check his work out.

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