Granite Tile Snafu

wobbly1905December 8, 2012

Our kitchen remodel was scheduled to be done around November 1st. It's now December 8th and we do have cabinets, but with no drawers or doors. Yesterday the contractor brought over the granite tile which we selected on August 28th. To our dismay it was polished absolute black, and not the honed finish we selected. The polished look doesn't go well with the backsplash tile we ordered.

We have an email record of the tile number we chose. He ordered the tile on the telephone and has no proof that the correct tile was ordered. He said that the tile dealer won't take back all the tile which he has edged. He has been telling us about all the hours he spent in polishing the edges. He apologized and said that he will "eat the cost".

We didn't make Thanksgiving , but maybe our kitchen will be ready for Easter. Time to get more propane cylinders for the Coleman stove.

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The trick I learned with my last kitchen remodel is this:

Once the work starts, try to always be ahead of the game. In other words, if either of you decided to part ways, the work that is completed is worth more than what you've paid out so far.

I backed myself into a corner, financially, at one point. The contractor had 2/3 of my money and less than 1/3 of the work was done. Never again will I allow that to happen. Sometimes money is the only leverage you have with these guys.

You should get what you ordered. If he has to eat the cost, that's not your fault. Business is business.

Remember, your reno, your money, YOUR WAY!

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Polished AB is popular. I'm sure he can use it on another job or he can sell it.

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