If you have Powell Buff wall color, would you post pictures?

sis2twoDecember 6, 2012

If any of you have pictures of Powell Buff, particularly in your kitchens, do you mind posting? Still trying to make a decision and it helps me to see it. I have large poster boards painted in Monroe Bisque, Powell Buff, and Champagne Gold. Whatever paint I select for my kitchen, I also want to use in my foyer and hallways. Thanks in advance.

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OK, this is a really awful picture but we just put powell buff in our kitchen and I really love it.

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ar84-Thank you so much! I really like it. Is it mixed at normal strength? The reason that I'm asking is that my sample appears lighter than yours and I like yours better. How does it read during the day? Thank you.

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it is mixed at normal strength. It looks substantially lighter in the can then it does when up on the wall and dried. I was afraid it was going to be too dark when I saw it up on the wall but overall it isnt. I dont notice a significant difference during the day.

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Thanks! I think it looks great. My chairs are black as well and I think the combination looks good together.

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