granite seam around cooktop

aimskitchenDecember 9, 2012

We went to the stoneyard yesterday and chose a few granites we really like, one of which is a strong front-runner (persa avorio). When we asked about where seams would be placed in our small L of cabinetry, we were told seams wouldn't be placed on the side with the sink, or in the corner, but rather on either side of the cooktop placed on the long run of our L. I thought perhaps it'd be placed in the middle of the cooktop, but the gal told us that there would be two small pieces seamed in on the front and the back of the cooktop. I don't know a lot about granite, but didn't remember hearing about countertops being seamed that way. Is this common? Ok?

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This is our seam by the cooktop - there is another one in the back.
It is less noticeable in real life and it is so smooth that I can barely feel it.
We do have another seam at the corner of the L.

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Thank you, that does look fine and is a lovely countertop. Have you ever heard of having a seam on either side of the cooktop, rather than the two sides of countertop meeting in the middle?

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Someone had their sink done with 2 seams - I like the single seam and it hardly shows at all.

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Why does there have to be a seam at all? I have no seam around my sink so why can't they do the cooktop the same way? I don't have a cooktop myself (have a range) but it looks like they could do cooktop same as sink. Yes there is a thinner piece in front of sink that is more fragile, but they transport the granite with a clamp on that part so it won't break there.

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There needs to be a seam because the whole L couldn't be done with one, unseamed piece of granite. Putting the seam near the cooktop keeps the seam away from the sink and the corner (which is very close to the sink), and keeps there from being a break in the middle of the countertop. I'm ok with there being a seam there, but not sure about it being pieced in with two thin strips front and back of the cooktop, with seams on both sides of the cooktop, as opposed to one seam meeting in the middle (front and back).

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I have 2 seams at the front and 2 at the back of my cooktop. The fabricator preferred to do it that way because the narrow strip at the front and back would be more susceptible to breaking. As you can see from the pictures of the front edge the tiny seam is barely perceptible. If your fabricator is good, I wouldn't worry about the seams.

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Thanks, Badgergal, that really puts my mind at ease. It looks just fine to me.

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