Installing subway tile

cnlanierDecember 27, 2012

Hello all, Ive just purchased white subway tile and everything I need to start tiling the walls in my kitchen.
Just one question I cant seem to find the answer to.
Does it matter where you start?
Start at the top, bottom, left hand corner, right hand corner, middle?



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My tile guy started on the outside edge end of the counter/ cabinet, and worked his way from left to right around the kitchen, ending at the refrigerator. He is right-handed, if that helps!

This is the edge you see from every angle.


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You start at the center and work out. You want to have even cuts at the sides and this accomplishes that. You also want to be sure that you do a level line and don't just assume that the wall is plumb and square. If you've got an out of level situation where the cabinets go downhill, then you want the bottom row to have to be trimmed to the counter rather than take the tile downhill also.

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I agree with GreenDesigns (she is our resident expert). But also be sure that you don't have slivers when you get to the corners. I was shocked that this happened to me.
Back story: I had one BS put in that looked terrible in terms of the color. We had it ripped out and replaced. I love the color of the new tile, but
evidentially the size was different and there are slivers in the corner. A no no when tiling.
I only have an L shape, so one corner. And I have my Keurig there so I don't notice it any more, but it is something I will be very aware of next time I tile.

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I find the center of the wall, left to right, so that there are equal lengths of tile at each end of the wall. You could post this question over on the bathroom forum if you need more help. There are some very helpful tile folks over there.

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