Faucet decision?

katy-louDecember 26, 2012

I think we are decided on Waterstone just need to decide style- traditional plp pull down or Annapolis and side sprayer?

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I didn't like any side sprayer options - for me it's just one more thing to wipe around when cleaning up.

So - I went for the PLP Traditional and I love it.

Good luck, Doc

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Do you have good water pressure with it? Concerned abt the reduced
Water pressure with the narrower tubing in the pull down

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Katy- we have the Waterstone PLP 5400.
I love the faucet - although I am waiting for a replacement head from WS
The water pressure on the WS is based on California standards - so if you want super water pressure - it will be lower than that - but it is more than our old junk faucet, so happy with it.
Yes- I think I am the only person who has ever had a WS issue - I am sure it will be resolved.

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Katy-lou, in response to your comment, I had always read that side sprays have less water pressure than the faucets where the spray is integrated into the faucet. Something about having to divert /divide the water to another line, vs. using one line for both.

In any case, I am with Doc8404. I am always looking to minimize my cleaning tasks, and eliminate any additional crevices where grime could gather. I've got plenty already, thank you. So I would not get a side spray for that reason.

I'm linking an older thread which has so many pictures of faucets installed in GWers' kitchens. If you decide on something other than a Waterstone, perhaps there is one in this thread that appeals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread called Which Faucet Did You Pick

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Thank you all! I think we are settled
On the waterstone now just need to decide finish . . .

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Katy-lou - so, did you decide on a side spray or not? You said you settled on the Waterstone - which one?

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The 5600 PLP traditional. Now do we need those other accessories? Hadn't really planned on it - we already wired for a traditional switch for the GD - although now wondering about an air switch or batch model . . .

This was an unplanned remodel - our dishwasher leaked and so had to dry it out and demo - thus we are making decisions as we need to. Problematic at times and sometimes allows for us to evolve the concept as we go

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Love my 5500 PLP Traditional. I think you've made a good choice.

What other accessories are you considering other than an air switch? I purchased an air switch and then ended up not using it. No real reason other than I decided I really preferred keeping it on the wall switch. I have soap dispensers at both sinks and they've both worked great. No problems with clogging at all. I use Dawn and both are hooked up to a NeverMT,

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