Large Single Sinks & Food Particles

aloha2009December 26, 2013

We thought we wanted a single bowl but I am definitely having doubts.

We decided to purchase a used single bowl sink to test if indeed this is what we want to install in our permanent remodeled kitchen in the future. We had a 50/50 enamel covered steel prior so most anything would be an improvement.

The sink we have is 28" wide. After using it over the holiday, we think we'd prefer slightly smaller. That said we'd like to get a silgranite which has only a 22" single or a 30.5" sink (I'm using interior bowl measurements). Given the 2 options, we'd go the bigger size with the drain on the right side

I've noticed with my current SS sink with the drain in the middle I'm spending much more time getting debri down the drain. It seems like a do a lot of rinsing, only to find particles left over. I'd like to think that having the drain on one side would collect the food to one side and then down the drain, but I don't want to presume anything.

Is it the SS that catches the food debri worse? How is silgranite sinks for rinsing down larger food particles? I really like the reviews of silgranite but gosh the choices for sinks are pretty limiting.

The issue of having pans, misc drain on the counter towel is rather annoying too. I was going to look for an adjustable dish drainer.

I do LOVE that my kitchen has been seeming a lot cleaner!!! Pans that soak are sitting in the sink and much less noticeable. Not having the divider right in front of where I'm trying to do work is nice too. I realize with everything there is adjustment, I guess with all the single bowl admiration I hear on this forum, I thought it would be love at first use.

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I made the same observation about debris in the sink when I first got mine--just takes a little more spraying. There is no question that if you have gotten used to air drying your dishes in the second sink, you have to put them on the counter. In my experience, since the debris travels, and washes up under a drainer inside your sink, the bottoms of your clean dishes will get dirty. Either dry them immediately (as we used to do, many years ago) or get used to putting them on the counter. That is, by the way, a good incentive to dry them and get them out of the way. Love the large sink.

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I love my new large sink, but also notice the food particles take a little more rinsing. Maybe that's part of the reason the pull-down faucets are so popular now?

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Maybe a little more rinsing??? but the pull down faucet makes it so easy. Anything hand washed gets put on the counter, dried, and put away immediately.

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I love my new silgranit sink in anthracite -- the large single bowl with side drain -- but agree there are more food particles. The pull down faucet does make it easy to clean. I have very hard water (private well) and am afraid of mineral deposits being visible against the dark sink so I dry it with a microfiber cloth after use. Alot more maintenance than with my old ss double sink but I wouldn't go back. Dishes go into a rack on the counter and get dried immediately. (I'm one of the few folks in America who still doesn't have a dishwasher.)

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I had a double sink before and have a large single basin SS sink now. I haven't noticed any issues at all with particles remaining on the bottom, but the difference may be that I now have a pull-down sprayer that I didn't have before, so it seems really easy to rinse everything down. My drain is at the rear center, and I think rinsing out the sink might be more of an issue if the drain was at one end ... having to spray all the particles a greater distance in order to get them to the drain. I, too, really like the large single bowl sink, but I never minded the double bowl. Having all the extra room for large items is definitely a big plus.

beaniebakes, I'm probably one of the few folks in America that has a dishwasher that never gets used!

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Perhaps it is just my personal pet peeve with the food particles. When I first experienced a large single bowl (27") at my DB home, I noticed a lot more rinsing there too.

When we installed the "new" sink we installed a new pull-out faucet too, so that isn't an issue. The old faucet, I just used the side sprayer, it's I didn't have to pull it out so often because the food particles typically went down without so much rinsing.

With the side drain, I figured the food particles would end up more on the side as I rinse items over the side drain. As it is now, I rinse things in the middle and food goes everywhere. I'm finding, I have to be very careful with rinsing items, or I end up spending more time rinsing the sink then the item that needed to be rinsed. It's not so bad if I have a lot of dishes, but when I have one item (which is the majority of the time), it seem more troublesome.

Having the side drain may actually accentuate the food particle problem though, since yes I'd have to rinse from one side to the other. I doubt though there would be much debri all the way from the left since I'd be doing a lot of rinsing on the right. The middle drain, just seems to push it from the left of the drain, to the right of the drain, to the left of the drain. It's like trying to sink a putt, only for the ball to miss the hole and go to the other side. I truly want to love this sink, but are these little food debris going to be a show stopper?

As I said, I think it's just me, because my DH notices it too but it doesn't bug him as much.

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I have a 36" Rohl single farm sink and a pull-down faucet and spend way too much time chasing food to the drain.

When dh neglects the process (especially with hot cereals) the food dries like concrete on the bottom of the sink.

FWIW, my drain is on the far right and my sink has been in use for 8 years.

Building in the spring and planning this 40" two compartment Rohl for the new house. I think it will suit me better.

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We chase food particles around our super single sink more than in the double, too. I laid it on being an inexpensive model, but maybe that's not the issue. I still love it, though, and don't want to go back to a double.

As far as the towel on the counter goes, have you tried one of the thirsty microfiber mats yet? I really like them and keep several so that I can have one in the wash and one next to the sink. I bought mine at Wal Mart, but have linked to Amazon. No more puddles on the counter, and no junky angled plastic mat that gets gross and never drains properly into the sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microfiber dish drying mats

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Annie Deighnaugh

We argued a lot on the sink, and I think now we are both happy that we chose the single bowl with the built in drain board. The old house had a double sink and one was used just for dish draining which left a very small sink to operate in. Now we have the larger sink which is great for big pots and cookie sheets, and the drain board is always available for drying dishes.

But I do seem to spend time rinsing bits to the drainer...maybe it's just the larger sized sink that collects more bits....

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What about the slope of the sink, rather than it being single vs. double?

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Westsider, I too thought it might be the slope with my DB's sink, but the one I have installed seems to have a decent slope too. When I've looked online it seems most of them are barely sloped. My MIL had a double bowl with the bowls being large, and I even noticed those I was having to do the food particle chase.

With the smaller double bowls, the food particles have not as far to overshoot the "putt". I so rarely took out the hand sprayer to rinse out the excess debris.

From what I'm hearing, everyone just sucks it up and contends with the food particles. You get one thing but you have to give up another.

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Red Lover that pic is just gorgeous. Can I ask where it is from?

I don't mean to hijack this thread but I wonder how long an island you would have to have for a sink like that with a dishwasher and trash pull out.

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I went from shallow double to deep single, both stainless. Initially the single sink just seemed cavernous and awkward. And splashy. It was one of my oh-no-why-did-I-do-this regrets.

I'm over it now. My drain is smack in the middle of the sink, and while it isn't the trendy location, I think it helps being easier to reach from all sides.

Nobody has yet mentioned sink grids. I have one which I find to be a blessing and a curse, but the scale tips to the positive side. The curse part is you have to chase food bits around with your sprayer. Mine is pull-down and easy to aim anywhere in the sink. I would not want a side sprayer. I don't have the grid to protect my sink because I don't care if the stainless scratches, which it will, and I'm okay with it. It's true that if I miss a bit of something (like cereal) and it dries, I have to lift the grid and scratch it off with my fingernail. Very high tech.

If I didn't have the grid, I would probably help the spray with my hand to shepherd all the food to the drain. It would be very simple. But the grid is really useful in providing 1) a second tier in the sink, and 2) a place to drip-dry dishes off the counter and unseen. I can have water swirling on the sink bottom with bits of this and that while a colander full of draining pasta or veggies, sits on the grid above the fray. And nothing beats a grid for drying cookie sheets.

I have a small dish rack on my counter. I don't care what it looks like. I actually fits into half of my sink and is invisible from a slight distance.

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LOL, overshoots the 'putt', that's hilarious.

I love my supersingle Silgranite sink, and I'd never go back to a double. I like being able to wash large items, or stack dishes in it while they're awaiting their turn in the dishwasher. I have an open kitchen and the sink is deep enough that things are pretty much hidden when they're in there. I do spend some time rinsing it when needed, and silgranite is not as "slick" as stainless, so it takes a little more water pressure to get things moving, so to speak. If you wanted to put a dish drainer in the sink, placing a stainless rack in the bottom would be one way to go, to keep it off the bottom where the pesky particles sit. I put one in my sink and I like it very much.


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I constantly use my hand sprayer at the sink. I think you will find that as time goes on you will get very skilled at using the sprayer and you will clean your sink in a blink of an eye.

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I do notice this with my giant 36" single bowl. Overall the pros outweigh the cons for me but my side sprayer is on the impotent side so it doesn't help much for chasing the rogue corn kernels down the drain. Anyone know how to remove the flow regulator?

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I went from a double "uneven" divided sink to a single bowl farmhouse style for the cleanup sink that is actually smaller than the double, but larger than the largest bowl on the prior. I do notice a lot more trapped food particles, especially under the grid. I noticed the slope of the deep, apron sink is much less than the prior. I have another 21" prep sink, single bowl, that is cast iron and does not have the same issues with particles. The regret? I have a sprayer on the prep sink but not on the cleanup! Argh!

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I was actually looking into a Blanco Silgranit II double sink in a 70/30 configuration. My current SS sink is 60/40.
I think I was going to choose the Truffle depending on the Quartz countertop we go with.
Anytime I do searches on Blanco Silgranit sinks, I read nothing but good things.

I wasn't going to get a pull down sprayer. I've had a couple pull down sprayers we had in our RV and they ended up breaking meaning we not only were without a sprayer, we were without a spigot until we ran out to buy another sprayer.
I'll probably go with the side sprayer like we have now.

The only thing I wish is that Blanco made sink configurations with the smaller sink on the left and not just the right.
Currently ours is on the left with our garbage disposal. I'm just hoping it's easy enough for my husband to do the plumbing for the newer sink rather than hiring a plumber to install and reconfigure all our undersink pipes :-/

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DIY-Her, We've considered the the 60/40 & 70/30 too. Can you explain what wasn't exactly right with your 60/40 and what you are hoping that the 70/30 would provide? Why do you think the super single won't quite work for you? We're leaning toward getting the super single, but not absolute.

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