Unfitted kitchen types

kitchendetectiveDecember 8, 2012

Have you seen this? I don't know whether this has been linked before, but I thought some would like it. You may need to scroll a bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Unfitted kitchen

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mtnrdredux - have you seen this? Seems right up your alley. Thanks for eyecandy kitchendetective!

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The narrative contains a link to a Wikipedia entry about wattle and daub walls. I adore that Rouen illustration of a woven garden gate in a 15th c. cabbage patch. Intriguing that she found a dagger within the walls, no?

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Thanks, kitchendetective.. and yes, Clueless, totally my thing!

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I would love a home like that.

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That's weird. I'm always checking the kitchen forum too. I never saw that post. Love the kitchen and the homey look.

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Funny, I have an "unfitted" kitchen with various pieces of furniture and it does not look anywhere near as nice as this kitchen! (still waiting for cabinets!) Guess you need the appropriate style house for it.

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Elraes Miller

I saw your post. Sorry about not responding, my posting is very minimal. Would love to have an unfitted kitchen, rustic comfort. But well designed. If I could get rid of all my cabinets, this is where I'd head. My favorite kitchen is from the Holiday movie. Have dreamed of creating it forever. Wood beams add a great deal to the overall ambiance. And yes the right style of house should one decide on selling. My 50' cottage gets close, but barely.

The cost of an old large piece is half what one small kitchen cabinet would be. My friend has an antique/used furniture store and love thinking about the possibilities wandering through.

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I lived in a couple of apartments with unfitted kitchens in Europe. The components were sort of bootlegged in a couple of hundred years after the buildings were built. Nothing as well done as the home on this site, of course. The kitchens produced some of the best meals of my life, but were tremendously inconvenient. I am way more comfortable cooking where there is a large expanse of continuous counter space. Yet I love the look and ambiance of unfitted kitchens. If the walls of this place could talk! I guess they kind of do, what with all that has been discovered within them.

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