Tiny prep sink?

thebeachDecember 12, 2013

We are putting a beverage counter into our remodeled kitchen and need a prep/bar sink. The sink will only be used to get water to fill the coffee pot. What is the smallest prep sink anybody has found or heard of? We'd love something as small as 6" x 6". The smallest I have found is 8" round and it's pretty pricey. Does anyone know if you can have a small stainless sink made to order in a specific size?

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I believe IKEA has a 8" round SS sink. Don't know the price.

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I'd be careful about getting too small a sink. With beverage service, it is very easy to see rinsing a glass, washing off a lemon, washing hands, etc. and either of those sizes will make it hard not to be splashing. If you only have a water tap, you might be able to get away with an inset drain and reduce the temptation to use the spot for other functions. Or concede and get a sink that serves many functions and uses you are not anticipating.

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We have a coffee bar sink, used for filling water pitchers, the RO spigot, and other water-only things. it's 15x15 and it's big enough to hold the teakettle under the faucet and fill it.

Much smaller and water would splash all over, and I wouldn't be able to sit the coffee pot under the RO tap.

A 6x6 sink is used with a push-spigot in a restaurant for filling water glasses, but it's useless for handwashing or anything else.

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The costs of installing a small sink or a larger sink will be virtually the same , might as well put one in that will serve traditional sink functions -- if you need the counter space just get one with a cutting board made to fit over it when not in use. A few people around here have done that when space was tight and got great results.

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12x12 is as small as I'd ever recommend for a bar sink. And that is tiny for a sink.

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