Why not to store plastic in oven--and ?? to do now?

bellsmomDecember 12, 2012

OK, I know better.

But I was in a hurry and stuck this plastic container full of cookies on a rack in the oven.
Then, later, forgot and set the oven to 400.
Then remembered--too late.
Any idea how to remove the plastic drips and strings that are melted to the bottom of the oven? They are very hard and do not respond to spatula or even screwdriver attempts to pry up an edge.

Please tell me you did this once and there is any easy cure!!

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oooh, sorry about that mess you have on your hands.
Found an old post, so you ar not alone! I didn't read through it all but it seems to say do what you are doing just heat the oven up a bit to soften the plastic.
good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: melted plastic

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I did this too! Or actually my Dh put the plastic in the oven. I never place anything plastic in there because I know I will forget that I did that. Any way, it was a lid to a cake pan. Was.
It dripped all thru 2 oven racks. looked like the Alien threw up in my oven. I just waited till it was cool and peeled it off. Thin edges got a little help with a straight edge razor.

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@Bellsmom - Been there, done that. Cleaning up the mess was the cure for me. Never again.

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Cavimum, Yep, me too. Never did it before, never again.

Boops2012, I'll try a razor tomorrow before I turn on the oven to warm it up and try the suggestions from Localeater's link.

Thanks for the link!
I thought that was my best bet. I know what I get to do tomorrow. I have a big cookie exchange coming up Saturday!!
GOTTA bake cookies Friday.

OHHHhhh, argh.

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Dry ice? That should make it brittle enough to simply crack off. Whether it removes all of it may be another question!

If any residue is left, then I woukld try warming it slightly (maybe with a heating pad or bottom of stove-top heated cast iron pot with aluminum foil between it and the plastic goo.) Then scrape with s/e razor blade.

Eventually you may just have to burn remaining traces off. It is very toxic to breathe so open the windows, get all pets - especially birds - out, shut internal doors, run the fan and vent the bejabbers out of the room during the burn off.

Good luck! This happened to me once when an igniter went wonky and burned itself up. I did eventually get all the plastic off the oven racks and floor. In my case the heavy stainless steel floor came out so it was less arduous than it would have been if it couldn't be removed. A big PITA!


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Thanks, liriodendren (AKA Tulip tree. One of my favorite summer bouquets. Some kind of twig cutter insect cuts the blooms off the huge trees in our neighborhood. Otherwise way out of my reach. I go about and collect them off the ground for bouquets. Each on an eight inch or so stem and in prime shape, 2 or 3 leaves attached. Gorgeous.)

But on the subject of melted plastic: I have this sucker whipped, thanks to you guys. I slightly heated the oven, razored the plastic off the bottom, scraped it thoroughly, and have the cleaning cycle and exhaust fan going as I type.

The few bits stuck to the racks flicked off with the razor. Cookies, here I come!!

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Glad you were able to get it off. I have a smooth top stove. Set the remote for kitchen TV on the stove top. Turned on the back burner and stepped away. Well, I actually turned on the front burner and completely melted the remote onto the burner! Of course I had turned the burner on HI. Scraped what I could off while still warm with a spatula and then started scrubbing with smooth top cleaner. Managed to get it all off. Stove was only 2 weeks old!

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