Finished White Kitchen!

robinstDecember 30, 2009

Here are the finished pictures of our white kitchen. Thanks to this site for a lot of my inspiration. Some of the details are:

Cabinets: Custom White Shaker

Paint: Cabinets - Benjamin Moore Simply White

Wall - Benjamin Moore Piedmont Gray

Faucet: Kraus

Counters: Black Pearl Granite

Fridge: GE Profile

Stove: JennAir

Backsplash: Carrara Random

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Ok... I am having trouble resizing some of the pictures on photobucket. Here are a couple of more detail pictures.

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Very nice! Light and bright and airy. I love white kitchens, and yours is just lovely.

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Ooh! Love it! Love your lights, love your backsplash (I didn't know what "carrara random" meant when I read your description - then when I saw it up close it became quite clear - and awesome). Love it all! What a beautiful space you have.

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Beautiful kitchen! I love your storage/organization, love your backsplash, love your concealed range hood! Really lovely!

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BEAUTIFUL! Can you give me dimensions of your range hood? I am in the middle of deciding what type of hood I want.


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Very beautiful! I'm also a white kitchen fan and yours is splendid. Love the random marble backsplash especially!

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It's beautiful and inspiring!

Giesele asked my question. Can you also add the width of your range, and the width from L side of L spice pullout to R side of R pullout over the range?

One more question: how does the shallower depth in front of the appliance garages work for you? I love the look of the alcove and would love to do that, but I'm afraid to give up counter space.

Oh, and any way you can post a picture looking directly at your cooking area?

Thanks, and enjoy it!

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How pretty! Enjoy!

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Everything looks great! Love the backsplash tiles and pendants!

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Inspirational! Love it!

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I love it, too. Beautiful job. Congratulations on your finished and lovely space!

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Can you add details on the apron front SS sink too? Thanks!

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Congratulations! Lovely kitchen. I especially love your marble backsplash. All of the components look beautiful together.

I have a similar area like yours with baskets. It really helps keep all the extraneous stuff from living on the counters!


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Very nice!!

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Oooh! Very pretty. Would you share details on your pendant lights, please??

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This is really nice, and done before the new year! Congratulations!

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Robinst, I just love your kitchen especially the shaker style of the white cabinets with the beautiful type of crown molding on top and the door knobs are perfect! I also love the floor color with the white cabinets. I love the recessed lighting, your beautiful counter tops, your beautiful marble backsplash, the comfortable and stylish chairs, and the hidden range hood. I just really love your kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice! Looks like a magazine picture!

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Really beautiful! I love your backsplash tile and your pendants...all really pretty and very sleek and refined!

Kat :)

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My husband thought your kitchen was from a magazine! Gorgeous! We love the backsplash -- could you post another photo of the backsplash, and details of where you got the "random" carrera -- is it on a sheet?

Also, what are your undercab lights? They are very subtle.


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Gorgeous - details please!

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What a crisp, beautifully done kitchen! Love the attention to space--it looks like every inch is utilized. Happy New Year in your new, wonderful happy place.

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Love your kitchen. It just sings to me.......

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never would have guessed white could be so nice. very appealing and inviting nice job!!!

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Your kitchen is stunning. I love the backsplash.

What color is on your kitchen walls? It looks great with all of your other elements. What color is in the other room off the kitchen? It seem to flow nicely with your kitchen.

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Thanks for comments! We had a few bumps in the road, but are happy with kitchen. I've listed a few more details below, unfortunately I am in Canada, so some items may be hard to find. I included pricing information, because I, like most people, love good value.

Backsplash - I purchased the tile at Lowes. It was the only place I have seen it before. It was a special order item and comes in a sheet with all the little pieces laid out already. It was about $12 sq.ft. Cdn and had to be purchased as a whole box (10 ft each). I did not get it on sale, but I would imagine their special order tile goes on sale. We were lucky and needed exactly 30 ft. Our contractor said it was tricky to lay. After much thought, we decided on silver grout and I am really happy with it.

Pendants - I looked everywhere for lights... I mean everywhere. The ones I really liked were out of our price range (we are doing a complete house remodel, including a second story addition, and I had to buy over 20 light fixtures for the house - ouch!). These lights were actually my bargain find. They are Debbie Travis and I bought them at Canadian Tire. I paid ~$70 each and then they went on sale for 60% off. So they ended up being $27 + tax each. Complete bargain.

Under cabinet lights: Our electrician supplied the lights, so I don't know much about them. The name brand on them is Galaxy. I don't see a model number.

Hardware: I believe they are called Westerly by Amerlock in graphite finish. Besides the look, I picked them because the series came with different sized pulls. I ended up using the two sizes in the middle. Smaller handles for the smaller drawers and larger for the larger drawers. Again, they were also very reasonable (~$3-6 each).

Faucets: I bought online from Faucet Direct in the states. Fantastic price and fantastic quality! It is hard to find the sprayer and faucet combination for a reasonable price. My first quote was close to $2000 for one! Both of these combined were under $500 Cdn, after shipping, duties, conversion.

Sinks: I bought the farmhouse sink from our granite supplier. The company is called Bristol Sinks and it cost $800 Cdn. The other sink was free (kind of)... I complained about the pricing tactics at the local cabinet maker, so they corrected the price and gave us the little bar sink.

Appliance garage - It was a complete nightmare... seriously. No one knew how to do them and it didn't work. Our cabinet maker had it pop up and slide in, which didn't work, because the hardware didn't allow the door to slide in very far and the door stuck out too far. It was dangerous. Also, our electrician made us install a safety feature because the plugs are enclosed. So the plug turns off when the door closes. I think we had to pay an $300 for that alone and now those cords are completely visible. We ended up settling on having the doors open to the side and it works ok. If I was to do it again, I would have two small doors that opened or some kind of bifold option. They are narrow, but they fit the things I really wanted to hide: my husbands coffee stuff, which was always a mess at our last house and the toaster. I also think I may hang an under the counter appliance above the toaster. Do they make under the counter bag sealers?

I can't find the measuring tape, but I will post measurements of the range hood and an updated picture soon.

Thanks again for all the nice comments and I hope I answered all the questions.

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Gorgeous! Love the backsplash. Can you tell me where you got that backless barstool. I'm looking for something similar to match a few other stools and can't locate it.

Enjoy that kitchen in the new year!

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Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the clean lines and the way everything is so harmonized. Looks like a showroom kitchen. Just Beautiful! I think I will look for that backsplash. Love it.

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I tried locating your backsplash. Called Lowes. By any chance, do you have the brand name or model number? Again, gorgeous job, gorgeous kitchen! Love it!

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Beautiful and so classy looking with the wood floors and lovely grey paint!

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I lucked out finding the bar stools. The bar stools were from the Home Depot and are on clearance right now. The backless stool was ~$70. The others were marked down to 2 for $70. I also bought the dining room chairs for 2 for $70 (similar look). They are hard to find (especially the dining room chairs) because the stock is limited.

I don't have the box for the backsplash, so I don't know the name. I bought it from the Lowes in Windsor, Canada. The backsplash also came in a different type of marble, which was really nice too (I think it had some blue). When I get over there, I can ask for you.

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Why did your electrician think the enclosed plugs are a hazard? I have three and now you have me wondering if we have something that isn't safe??

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The electrician said it was code to have a plug that turned off when the door was closed (could be different in Canada?). I believe the purpose is that no appliances could be left on inside the cabinet by accident. Unfortunately, I don't know any more details. Hope that helps.

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Duh-guess if I wanted to know the paint color I should have read it at the top!

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Very nice! Congrats!

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Love everything, and am curious about the floor...what kind and what finish? thanks!

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Very very pretty! What a great everything. Some people are so great at putting everything together so well. Not me, so I'm looking to all of you for prepared and patient!

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Beautiful! simply beautiful!
I like how fresh, crisp and elegant it is but simple at the same time.

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Floors - We used the same hardwood throughout the house and we really like it so far. It is oak, the color is Moka and it had a satin finish. The company/brand is Verywood and is made in Canada. We decided we didn't want hardwood made in China and I am very happy with that decision.

Range Hood - The range hood measures 42 inches across plus two spice pull outs of 4 inches each for a total of 50". The interesting thing is that I actually get almost 51" when I measure... hmmm. I think it must be that the cabinets with the spice pulls are a little larger???

I took a picture of the range hood area straight on and a close up of the backsplash. I also took a few more pictures of our storage: pullout garbage and recycling, tip tray, double cutlery tray, and pantry pullouts.

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I love it! It's so pretty! I could gush about all the individual elements, but it'd take me forever :) Let's just say I'm swooning.

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I checked at Lowes today and the brand is Faber. It is made in Turkey and is called Cararra Extra Random Marble Strip.

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Wowzers, that is really gorgeous! I especially love the range wall set-up. What a statement that makes! The whole space is so classic and crisp looking. Love it! And that backsplash? DeLISH!

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Hi, love your kitchen! Well done. Can you please tell me the source for the pendant lights. love them! thank you

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Your kitchen is beautiful and your lights are absolutely gorgeous!


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Thanks for checking at Lowes, Robinst. That was so nice of you. I will call them today.

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No problem kitchenconfident2. Hope you can find it... we really love the back splash tile.

Plumberry: The pendants are Debbie Travis and were quite reasonable. I wrote about them in an earlier post. I am not sure, however, if you can get them in the States (I am in Canada).

Megpie77: Sorry I missed your question about the paint. We are really happy with the BM Peidmont Gray and get lots of compliments on it. It looks good in all lighting. I paired it with BM Florentine Plaster in the dining room/entrance and it goes very nicely together.

Thanks again for the nice comments. It was a long process but we are happy with the results.

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Could you tell us the vendor number, or the model number of the backsplash? My Lowe's guy tells me that the vendor websites vary across regions, and since you're in Canada, their catalog is different than ours. IF you have the model number, he might be able to get it for us!

Also, are those Ikea pull-outs? What are your drawer organizers. I so love your space . . .

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Great kitchen, and thanks for the photos. I am looking for a range hood that would be like yours, ie hidden. All the hoods I see are at least 20 in deep. Do you recall where you got your hood, and or any other specifics on depth measurements? Thanks

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Robinst, let me add my compliments to the zillions you've already received (here and surely even more in person!) It looks gorgeous, and it must be wonderful to have it complete and a dream come true!

Thanks for sharing so many details -I'm bookmarking this post for inspiration.

Another few questions: do you know the brand of pull-outs for your pantry shelves, cutlery organizers, etc. Did you decide which drawers serve which function before moving in or after?

Also, what finish did you have the cabinets - are they lacquered or semi-gloss. They have a lovely finished look.

Again, it's beautiful. As an earlier poster said, truly looks magazine perfect, and yet seems to have so many personal details to reflect your own style! congrats!

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The crown molding makes the opening going into the next room like an arch. Wow! (Picture096 and Picture104). In my DIY view, I also see a well designed custom corner near the sink, and of course a symmetrical wall system hiding the exhaust vent, framing the range, and showing a lot of attention in the crown molding above it. I think it was time well spent designing visual interest that "anchors" (!) everything to the ceiling.

I like how the marble looks at first glance: a bit like frosted glass, but solider. Do you or your contractor remember which grout number, which company, etc?

I like the high bench which finishes the look at the end of the counter. Much more elegant than any other filler. And it's functional!!

I like the slight cut off the end of the counter at this end too. Very custom. It proves this is all custom. The cabinet matches the cutoff.

I like the sink. Is it true that it's easier to reach into it and use it since it's apron front? Other sinks are placed farther back, behind a 3" strip of countertop.

I like the pendants too. Do they take GU10 bulbs? Or screw in socket bulbs?

The number of ceiling lights is ideal. They don't pivot, do they? If not, their positioning is almost ideal; I guess you had physical constraints, to position them where you did.

I think if you paint ceiling white that little strip of gray wall above the sink, it will make the backsplash become the sole point of focus for the eye looking for a distant focus.

If you had to do it all over again, what might you do differently the second time? E.g. DW in white, e.g. less molding at floor level, e.g. tube fluorescent strips as undercabinet lighting, etc.


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Absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen carerra subways before and I'm in love. Filing this away for my inspiration when we finally get to redo ours.

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Absolutely gorgeous!

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Backsplash - I will look for more information about the backsplash tile. I don't live in Windsor but I go there often.

Pull out drawers - These are the same as our drawers and are gray slow close. Our cabinet maker provided the all the drawers so I don't know too many details. The double cutlery tray was also provided by the cabinet manufacturer so I don't know the brand for that either.

Rangehood - I am not sure about the rangehood details either. I worked with our cabinet maker to design the rangehood area and he provided actual rangehood. Sorry... I'm not too much help here.

Apron front sink - I think it is really easy to reach everything and I love the sprayer. I don't think I would want the big sink without it. It makes cleaning up really easy. My mom put in a new double deep sink and I find it really hard to reach things, but she loves it.

I was in a rush to design the kitchen, so I wish I had more time to plan out the drawers. I had a general idea of what was going where (i.e. cutlery, pots and pans, dishes), but I'm still looking for a good spot of our baby bottles :)

In addition to having two small kids and selling our house and moving in with my parents (yikes), we remodeled the kitchen, built a second story on the house, remodeled 4 bathrooms (which I will post someday), and added a front entry area, in 4 months! Stressful! I'm just amazed that it all is finally coming together.

Pendants - They take regular bulbs (clear with a medium base).

Lights - The lights don't pivot, but that would have been a great idea. I kind of left it up to the electrian and contractor to figure out their placement. We reviewed all the outside and inside lights in an hour or so. I wish I had added a few more lights around the house, but I'm pretty happy with the kitchen lights.

davidro1 - Good idea about the strip over the window. I wish I had some extra tile and we could make the whole wall the marble... hmmm.

Things I would do different:
- appliance garages (discussed above).
- dishwasher is actually going to be replaced with a stainless one to match the other appliances. We just used the one that came with the house until I find the right one.
- open area with baskets - I think I would like a little larger cabinets.... I already changed the baskets to more sleek looking black leather ones. It looks a little better.
- base trim - yeah ... I had seen a kitchen with the furniture base molding and really liked it but it doesn't really add to the kitchen. I would pass on it if I redid the kitchen.
- undercabinet lights - I actually don't feel very strongly about lights under cabinets. And this is completely a case of I had too many other things going on at the same time. I think they work good. To be honest, I rarely turn them on. We have so many other lighting choices.
- layout - I still wish we could have moved the walls differently and put the stove on the far wall, so it would be the focal point in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it just didn't work. We actually moved an entire staircase to make the kitchen this size, which is still pretty small. The entire floor is quite open concept, which makes it feel bigger than it is.
- pantry - I would have made the bottom pantry larger than the top. The top pantry is not as useful as the bottom.
- organizers - I would have added tray organizers above the fridge.
- trim/panelling - I would have done recessed panels under the counter by the bar stools. We actually were supposed to have this, but it was not done properly.

Thanks again for all the nice comments! I hope I answered all of your questions. And I will look for more details about the backsplash soon.

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Absolutely lovely!

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I missed one...

Grout: Laticrete Silver Shadow

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Is the Piedmont Gray by Benjamin Moore a special mix? I went to the BM store and they couldn't find it in their computer. I'm on the hunt for a nice gray so wanted to see a chip. Is there possibly a # that goes with it? Thanks!! BTW, your kitchen is beautiful. Isn't it fun when it is all finished?

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What a gorgeous kitchen! You did a wonderful job. I can't believe how much you accomplished in such a short time. Huge kudos!

My husband and I are renovating an old house, and putting together the kitchen has been fun but challenging. Ours is also white with black countertops (soapstone), and I have to say I've gotten major inspiration from your backsplash.

Just wanted to let you know how nice I think it is!

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Piedmont Gray is CC 690. It is a greeny gray. Here is a link to a site with some designer favorite colors. We actually have a lot of these colors in our house. Good luck on picking your color.

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Well I think your kitchen is just dreamy! I love it. I have quickly read a few things above and alas...perfection can't be reached? Huh... but it certainly looks amazing. I love all your choices and the feel of kitchen is so sophistacted. You must be so pleased. It does look like it belongs in a magazine.

I'd like to come for coffee so I can see more 8)


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For those looking for the backsplash details, I have a little more detail about the special order:

Merchant ID: 175000002022
Item #: 286326
Item description: zacarramarbstrip Carrara Extra Random Strip

The phone number of the Lowes I purchased it from is (519) 967-3560.

Good luck.

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May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog? Please submit the FKB Checklist to give your permission.
Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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You kitchen is beautiful.

Thank you for the details on your stunning pendants. I do have a question. It's hard to tell by your pictures...but are your pendants an inner metal mesh cylinder within a clear glass cylinder
an inner satin glass cylinder within a clear glass cylinder

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What a stunning kitchen! Would you be kind enough to post the approximate dimensions of your kitchen? I would dearly love an island in my kitchen but I worry that my kitchen is too narrow at 12 x 20 feet to accommodate.

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Congrats! Love it-especially the lights & the shelving in the island.


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I've discovered that this pattern of tile is called "falling water" for anyone who's looking for something similar. I've seen it in numerous colours and in glass as well, which was stunning. I'm thinking it's named after the Frank LLoyd Wright Falling Water house?? We'll be using this pattern of tile in a honed crema marfil with natural cherry cabinets. Can't wait.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Our kitchen dimensions are 13.2 x 18.5 ft and although I think there is enough room, it would be nice to have another foot or two in the width. I really like the island, it is great for everyday meals and entertaining.

The lights do have an inner mesh. The link below shows the lights and where I purchased them from.

Thanks for the nice comments. We are really enjoying the kitchen. I replaced our bar fridge and am so happy with the replacement. I am still waiting for our cabinet makers to fix a few things and make a trim piece for the new fridge, but ahhh... it is so nice to have a functioning kitchen.

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I just might be asking you a question no one else has. BTW I've searched for your backsplash tile too with no luck.
What I wanted to ask you is how you're liking your Jenn-Air oven. That is the same one we're looking into purchasing, along with the accompanying microwave and dishwasher. I've read mixed reviews about it the oven so now I'm a bit torn. How has it held up for you? Is that the convection model?
Thanks- Marilena

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Lucky you, you are all done!!!! and it's a beauty! Love the cleanliness of it. And the storage. You have thought of everything...
Now enjoy...lucky you

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can you tell me where you got your pulls and knobs? Are they oil rubbed bronze? I am thinking of doing something like that in my kitchen. Yours looks amazing! I love it.

    Bookmark   June 8, 2012 at 10:27PM
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