kitchen 10' ceiling height with soffit/ tray

reb2December 23, 2013

I'm hoping someone can help me! My kitchen has a ceiling height of ten feet. THere will be ducts running above cabinets for HVAC that are 10x16". (bringing ceiling down to 9'). I cant really afford to do stacked cabinets. What should I do with the space between the top of the cabinets and the soffit? build it up 12" with moulding?? Should I do a tray ceiling? Kitchen size is 19x17

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Have you considered 60" wall cabinets? Medallion @ Menard's has them as a standard (non-custom) cabinet size.

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Can you bring the whole kitchen ceiling down to 9 ft and not have a soffet. You'd still have 12" of crown but your kitchen seems big enough that it could handle it. The pic I posted is 42" cabinets, 9 ft ceilings & 12" of crown. (Not my kitchen). There was a recent thread with multiple pics of 12" of crown with 42" cabinets & 9 ft. ceilings. I have 9 ft. ceilings but my cabinets are 45" so only about 8" of crown but my kitchen is not as large as yours.

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This is red lover's kittchen, 9 ft ceilings, 42" cabinets & crown to the ceiling.
Red lover, hope you don't mind I posted a pic of your kitchen.

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Thanks so muchfor your responses. Romy if I bring cabinets to 9' with moulding should I do a tray in the center to maximize 10' ceiling height (with cove lighting?)

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Hopefully some people with more experience will chime in. I'm not sure how it will look to have 42" cabinets, 12" of crown molding with a soffet above & then a trayed ceiling. I was wondering if you could bring the whole kitchen ceiling down to the level of the bottom of the soffet (9 ft) so that you don't have a soffet.

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If you go on Houzz under kitchen photos & search for "tray ceiling", there are about 1000 pictures. Here's one.

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