Edge profile on inset uppers?

deedlesDecember 10, 2012

Is there an appropriate edge profile, or any kind to be avoided for inset doors? I'm still heading up hill on the learning curve for this very specific cab stuff. The style of cab I'm looking at is flush inset, non-beaded at least on the cab box. I guess the door has a bead around the panel. Here is a pic of what I'm looking at: just the style, not the wood or finish.

Don't want anything fancy or intricate for a profile. Just simple. These uppers will be painted, so I know that a sharp edge isn't a good idea, paint-holding wise.

Any advice? Thanks!

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Well, that door doesn't have a beaded edge profile.
Edge profiles are on the outside edge of the door.
This would be a nice inset, and be very smooth.

IMO, I haven't seen a door edge profile that didn't fit well, inset. Some that were -- for me -- too fussy for beaded inset (where the bead is on the cabinet box) but I'm not a fussy person.

To me, that's a really nice, simple door that would not offer a lot of visual clutter.

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Okay, beaded edge speaks to the outside edge. I get it. What's that bead detail around the panel called then?

But anyway, would you think a simple square edge (I guess they call it machine edge?) or a slightly rounded edge look better with this door? A square edge wouldn't pinch when you opened it, would it. I don't mean to sound dumb, but I've no experience with inset doors other than liking them from a distance.

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My inset cabinet doors have a detail. First time the cabinetmaker did this on insets. I love the extra detail.

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That door is mitered vs. mortise and tenon. They are more prone to splitting in the corners more and sometimes are pricier to make. That's the only way (I think) to get the bead on the inside like that. Actually once I did see the bead on a M&T door but I don't know how it is made. (I'm certainly no cabinetmaker!)

Here's a thread on this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Mitered Doors Discussion

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Oh, yeah. Didn't notice the miter.
Evidently, miters are more prone to misfits. The doors I really wanted were mitered, but I was told it was a bad idea.
They make this door with a mortise and tenon.

The inside bead is called a "framing bead". here is a quick description.

Mortise & tenon is like the regular Shaker doors where the side wood pieces go all the way to the top, and the horizontal pieces only go between the side pieces.

Here: at The Cabinet Joint.com, who makes my beaded inset frames, has a lot of excellent downloads that explain everything cabinet. I spent ages reading these.

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Ok, thanks. I'll read through their info.

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You can do mortise & tenon w/o the mitered rail & stile and still do the panel bead & miter just that little bit. Well, at least, I've read directions on how to do it woodworking-wise, not sure you can BUY it!

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I read through the Mitered Doors thread, thank you for posting that. I'm not getting mitered doors, anymore. Esp. since most of these doors will have glass which just adds to the weight/stress on the joints.

So, back to my initial question? Is a square edge profile fine for inset doors?

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It meets beautifully.
I also like it with my beloved beaded inset, where the bead is on the frame. It's a clean line which makes the bead stand out, or if no bead, just a nice smooth finish.

Deedles, often even the square edge is back beveled a bit. I guess it helps ease the opening and closing if there is any change in the wood due to humidity. Made sense when it was explained to me.

I like that door.

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I like the door also (gosh, now I'm hyper-askeert of how I'm composing my posts.. stupid grammar thread), as well, too?

I also like the door. However, reading the thread about mitered joints in a door that will be painted has made me nervous about cracking joints. You'd think they could make a mitered joint that was stable, seeing as how we've put a man on the moon and all. et al?

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Deedles, take the time to look through the Cabinet Joint door styles. I have definitely seen that door with a M&T joint. the framing bead is very common.

You can have this door with the same look. You probably wouldn't have ever noticed if it hadn't been pointed out here. As much cabinet shopping and dreaming as I do, I didn't notice it, either.

You can find this in a stable door, easily!

Man on the moon? Sure, but don't mess with Mother Nature.

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I have not seen that profile used on a rail and stile door. I believe it possible, just not common. Recently went looking for a bead used as a door framing bead and didn't turn one up.
The doors at the door joint are Conestoga- they don't do one in rail and stile.
It is more likely to find one in a "french miter" though I wouldn't recommend that for paint either- it is more stable but will look odd when the seams start to show in the paint.

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My favorite door. And of course it is by Christopher Peacock! Not crazy about the hardware though.

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Have you checked the Conestoga catalogue?
Are you gonna make me go pull it out?
You can do this and it's available -- thru the Cabinet Joint .com from Conestoga.

I have some things to do then I'll start going thru their papers. You can often create your own door. Just because someone hasn't seen it (and someone has) doesn't mean it can't be done.

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There is a beaded flat panel door in stile and rail construction.
Go to thecabinetjoint.com, look up Shaker Style ~ Madison

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Thank you, Madison.
I knew that was horse hooey.

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I stand corrected, I had to get them to do bead on both and the reverse g reversed.

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