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matt_in_ksDecember 19, 2012

Hi everyone,
We've been working with a designer and I think we're very happy with the layout we have for the kitchen but I'd like to bounce our plan off the board. The windows face South which will be our back yard. I am considering wall ovens next to the range but I'm not sold either way yet. One concern is the lack of upper cabinets but I'm not completely sure I'll miss them. We will do entirely drawer and pull out shelves on the bottom cabinets. We could put upper cabinets on the South wall but I'm not sure how that would look. We are also wondering about a transition from the dinning room/living room which has a cathedral vault to the kitchen... If anyone has thoughts or comments about the layout I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

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are you right handed or left? I'd prefer the dishwasher to the right of the sink but i'm right handed

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I would move the DW to the Right of the sink, and put the trash where the DW is.
I usually prep/cook between the sink and the stove, so I would usually be standing where the DW is. And yes, people always need something from the DW when I'm standing there.

Where is your microwave?


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We are right handed so it makes sense to move to DW to the right of the sink and trash to the left. I think the only reservation was having the DW open towards the island but I doubt there would be many times when we needed to get through there while it is open. Like Huango mentioned food prep will likely happen to the left of the sink.

Is it uncommon to have so few upper cabinets? If we decide to do wall ovens there will be even fewer uppers. I think as drawn we have about 22ft of lower cabinets and about 8ft of uppers.

I've seen single wall ovens with microwaves above, microwaves under the island tops, and also above the stove. I'm thinking the default is above the cooktop and using it for our vent. Are there any strong opinions on that placement?
We currently have it on our countertop and I definitely would like to avoid that.

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This is coming from a short person who designed her kitchen w/ only 2 upper cabinets, flanking the hood, to allow for a whole wall of windows. And I allocated the 2 uppers for DH.

Now why drawers AND pullouts shelves? I would skip the POshelves.

Not a big fan of MW vent. I understand if you have a TINY kitchen and over the stove is the only place you can put it, but I would not put the MW over the stove in your kitchen.
Do the MW over Walloven, allowing you to get a real hood that vents out.

If you're into symmetry, you can put the MW under the counter (to the right of the pantry.
OR get a speedcooker/MW, so you don't need a 2nd walloven (since you'll have the range oven and the speedcooker, ie. Advantium - get the 240volt one, I have the 120 = wimpy, but was a lifesaver during my reno).

hopefully the layout gurus will chime in.

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OTR (over the range) microwaves don't work that great as vents, to be honest. I had one for years and hated it, even though I thought the location was reasonably convenient for a one cook kitchen. If others are in the kitchen, it's a pain for them to use it if you're at the cooktop. Another option is the microwave drawer, which is what I have now. Honestly I didn't think I'd like it, but for various reasons that was the best option for us. Turns out I love it.

As far as your layout, I would prefer to have a better landing spot for the fridge - the island seems a little far, and the counter on the range wall is across a door that opens out. Any chance of carving a small space to the left of the fridge, and leaving just enough room for that door to swing open in the adjacent room? Maybe you could combine it with a beverage station?

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Huango- the lack of upper cabinets is largely due to the windowsjust like you. I messed around with the ikea designer thing and didn't like the way any cabinets looked along that wall. I was thinkinking there might be some larger items where the po shelves would be handy but i may be wrong... Probably only under the island. I showed the wife the Advantium, will definately read up on it because I like the idea.

Sounds like an actual range hood is definately the way to go.

Magdiego- that wall besides the fridge seems like it should definitely have something. So far I've fought the urge to chop that wall up but maybe some counter space would be useful there...the island placement on the drawing seems kind of arbitrary, i think it will end up closer to that wall with enough room for a comfortable walkway and seating there. Maybe that will help?

Thanks so much for sharing the thoughts everyone, this is helping!

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I am right handed and was hesitant to place the DW on the left of the sink. I find that I like it much better on the left. Our dishes are stored in the island and in the upper cabinet left of the DW.

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I think definitely DW to the right of the sink. In addition the the ergonomics, think about where you will store your dishes and silverware. Most want them very close to the DW, but in your current design, that would put them smack in the middle of the prep zone, which would mean that people needing a plate or a cup would be walking into your prep zone. With the DW on the right of the sink, it looks like there will be room for the silverware and dishes closer to the dining room, and out of the main prep zone.

I agree with you on the island. Might make sense to rotate it, which would get it closer to the fridge for a fridge landing zone. I realize then the seating would be looking at the range wall and not out the windows, so think about that tradeoff.

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