Has anyone had to get workman's comp ins for cabinet makers??

CallMeJaneDecember 14, 2012

Hi all...
Long long time lurker, relatively new member.
I made it out to DutchWood today, and another place called White Deer. White Deer has half the sophistication DutchWood's show room had, but the quality of work seemed comparable.
My husband was talking to someone about use going outside of the contractors kitchen company, and he had mentioned to make sure we asked them about their workman's comp ins.
The invoice for White Deer had some fine print at the bottom, mostly about how they do their work, but there was a line in there about WC that he drew a line through.
I dont know if its something I should really make a point about. I didnt ask anyone yet, as it was my first trip and wanted to see the work more than anything else.
Do you guys think this is work looking into or should I chance it, assuming that they would get no-word-of-mouth referrals from me if I was sued?

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They should have their own insurance.
As a matter of fact, depending upon their depth of construction involvement (for a cabinet company, not much) they should also have a liability umbrella.

It's not up to you to insure them.
OTOH, and I'm sure the insurance members will correct me, I would contact my homeowner carrier and talk with them about it.

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My homeowers' policy requires that tradesman carry workman's comp. That's because my homeowenrs' policy protects me from liability if someone (tradesperson, guest, delivery person, etc.) sues me for injury while on the premises.

OTOH, you may know that some religions don't hold with any insurance. In general "Amish" meaning Amish, Mennonite, Brethern, Hutterites are among the sects that don't do insurance. They may even be able to avoid state-mandated insurance, I'm not sure about that as it may depend on state law. Possibly only exempt in so far as insurance that would benefit them, not for liability that protects other people.

I bring this up because it has been my assumption that DW is at least partly Amish-run(?) and perhaps the other cabinet maker is, as well?

That may be why there was a line through the form? I think it unlikely that if the cab maker is plain, and elects to forgo workman's comp (and is exempt from state req'd W/C on religious grounds) that they would turn around and sue you. As a rule plain people don't go to law to settle disputes.

I would simply check with your insurance company, and then ask the cab makers. They will not be offended, I'm sure.

It's my understanding that Amish don't use any health, fire, life, personal injury, long-term care, property,
etc. insurance.


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I have workmans comp on my homeowners insurance due to having nannies when the kids were young.I had to search for it, it wasn't easy to find. So there is a small chance that your HO insurance would cover it.

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Workers comp covers your employees, not independent contractors. Your cabinet maker and all other contractors are not your employees, hense the WC policy would not respond in the event of a suit. Your liability policy would respond, and they in turn would go after the contractors WC.

Your homeowners policy typically covers incidental WC for occasional babysitters or other in home occasional workers.

Hope this helps

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