How do you like your pot filler??

Zoe52December 15, 2013

We are picking out appliances for a new build and I am considering a pot filler for our kitchen over our cooktop.

Do you like yours? Would you bother getting one again?? Do you ever have water accidents from it either leaking or spilling on to your gas cooking area?? Do you have a drain under yours??

Just wondering how well they work and if they are worth the extra money.

Thanks for all your comments!

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My opinion on pot fillers is this: no one has invented a way to move the pot of hot water from the stove yet! It is easier to move cold water to the stove. I suppose they are good if you heat a lot of water on the stove.


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I happen to like mine. If you are able to avoid carrying a big pot of water in both directions, this is a good thing for those of us who are getting older. I used to be able to sling 25 pound mulch sacks around. No more.. I mostly use these very big pots of water for making soup. By the time you have cooked it down by half, and remove the chickens or whatever, you have a much lighter pot. And, usually, there are some helpful hands around before dinner to help move it to the sink to drain. (They're rarely around when you start your pot boiling!)
I don't have a drain, but my kitchen is on a slab, a step down from the rest of the house. I have no doubt a leak would be a mess, but in my case, it would run on a brick floor, and down to another stone floor. Not too worried.
I am religious about closing both valves and being very careful when opening it and it doesn't leak. I think it was a Chicago Faucets brand....

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We have a Grohe ladylux (?) pot filler faucet (now discontinued style/model). We like having it, and use it a lot.

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They have seen a huge dropoff in installation over the past few years. The #1 reason is the movement towards a more simple, modern to transitional style and away from a traditional look. They've always been more about style than utility, so that shouldn't be surprising.

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i disagree with "more style than utility" and usually i agree with GD most times, but not this time....

we use ours alot...of course for filling soup/pasta pots but we use it for water for mac & cheese or anything else that requires water add-on.

i'm sorry but its nice not to have to carry a full pot of water from the sink to the cooktop. normally your pot is IN the sink and you have to lift it out, great not doing that!! when you drain, its at counter level, little easier IMHO....

we attached a water filter on ours so we have filtered water at our disposal at all times. filtered water in our water jugs in frig. eliminated at Brita-type filtration system, nice!!

we use it for baking when water is required - filtered water in all our cooking/baking, big plus in our book.

if we need alittle water on a sponge or cloth when cleaning up, comes in handy...

great when taking medication, filtered water in your as u can see many uses in our home. so for us its utility over style..

we have a hansgrohe talis C i think. it has two shut offs which i read on GW was a plus to have 2

also its nice to have a second water source if someone is at the sink...
we don't have a prep sink...
we have not had any accidents with it , no drain, and yes i would install again since ours gets alot of use

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I had one in the last kitchen. It was great. Once one of the seals failed, but it was only when I turned it on, and it wouldn't turn off, but just went to a drip. So, I turned off it off at the shut off valve, put a pot under it, called the manufacturer, they sent the O-ring. Which didn't fix it, so they sent me a new faucet. Never happened again.

As for the lack of drain argument, do people have drains under the refrigerator if they have water in the door? I never have.

The argument about having to carry the hot water to the sink, is not really a good argument against the pot filler. I for one did not ever dump hot water out of the pot when making pasta. Usually use a strainer to scoop out pasta. The amount of water that would be left in the pot is not that heavy for cleaning up. And I never dump my soup out. It is ladled out of the pot into bowls for serving. And then to clean it up, it is ladled into containers and sent to freezer or refrigerator and I carry the empty pot to the sink.

I would absolutely do another one if needed. I did not do one in this kitchen because I have a prep sink located right behind the range on the end of the island. Last house only had one sink, it was very helpful. And by the time the new kitchen had 3 sinks planned for it, I'm not sure I could have convinced anyone that having a pot filler was necessary!

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In a single sink scenario with multiple cooks, it can be useful. But, what's FAR more useful is the addition of an extra sink! I haven't done a kitchen with a pot filler yet this year, and the year is almost over. It used to be much more common.

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We had one in our last kitchen, when it was a pretty new concept.

We liked it enough and use it enough to put it in our new kitchen here in CT about 3yrs ago. Now we are doing a kitchen in a summer home, and we will not bother with it for there.

Has it ever leaked? In our last house, we were preparing New Year's Eve dinner for a party, and the pasta faucet came off in DH's hand when he turned it. The water gushed out, and we (I had serving and cleaning help there, thank goodness) all rushed to grab pots and pans to catch the water, while DH went to turn off the water. It was a little bit like one of those old "I Love Lucy" episodes!

We actually used a garden faucet for our kitchen here in CT. No problems.

I would say most of our meals involve water, whether to steam or boil or make soup, pasta, cous cous, etc. I find it very convenient. We generally use built in strainers so that you are NOT carrying a pot of boiling anything; you leave the water there until after you eat and then drain it.

We have a good size kitchen but I did not want two sinks. I have two faucets on my sink, and the potfiller.

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My thoughts: Useful, but not essential.

My suggestion: If you're already going to have water in that wall, go ahead and out in the pot filler. On the other hand, if the pot filler would mean bringing water to that area, it's too expensive. A pot filler alone would not justify upping the wall from 4" to 6" and adding pipes to the wall.

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Ok, Mrs. Pete you have brought up a very valid point. There will be no water in that wall... so I think we will forgo the pot filler and instead install another sink across the way in the island. I could also do some prep work there and fill pots with water there.. The pot filler is not essential from what I am hearing and I don't want to have potential leaks over my gas stove top.

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My man just said that the walls dont need to be thicker unless there is a drain, not sure about that but just thought Id throw it out there.

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DH loves it. Not aware of anything special done to the walls to accomodate. In a multi-story home, we have plumbing and heating pipes going up and down thru our walls.

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I don't have one but saw a photo once (maybe here?) where the homeowner had one next to her coffee station where she had her coffee maker, tea maker, etc. I found it was very clever.

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