kitchen plan, looking for comments

WheelerLnDecember 11, 2012

We are building a new house and wanted to run by our kitchen layout to everyone here.
The house is going on a slab, so we hope to get things close to right the first time, although I know that is asking a lot.
We aren't sure about the location of the stove top. We really want it on the island, but think it should maybe be shifted to the right so it sits at an angle behind the raised bar. The problem is that it significantly shrinks the prep room next to the bar sink. Also, the plans show downdraft, but we will probably have a hood vent.
Also not included is the wall oven that will be on the far left next to the entrance to the mudroom/laundry.

Thanks in advance!

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Your plan did not show up.

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whoops, sure didn't. Sorry about that.

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I wouldn't want a stove with only 6" between it and open floor, people, etc. The angled spot would be better, as you suggest. How about putting the prep sink, then, where the stove is now? It's not as accessible to that counter by the fridge, but nicer for prep and cooking.

Are you sold on the angled, odd-shaped island?

You're really set on an island stove? In this kitchen, I'd want the stove where the window is, with windows to each side, and the fridge on that back wall to the left of where the dishwasher is shown. Then the cleanup area where the fridge run is, and a nice, big rectangular island for prepping and serving. It would all be beautiful from the great room with the range/hood and island as focal points.

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I really like your suggestions. No, we are not completely sold on the stovetop being on the island, but it seemed like a logical spot with the prep sink and fridge locations. I really want the main prep area and sink, wherever that may be, facing the great room. We thought about continuing the bar section of the island to go behind the stovetop to give it some separation. But this will reduce the area of the already small breakfast nook.
I am gonna draw it up like you suggest and see what that looks like.
So the sink would go next to where the fridge is now?

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Yes, sink and dw on the wall where the fridge is. Stove where window is, and also fridge on the back wall, and wonderful prep space on the island facing the family room.

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