Purging my Pfalzgraff

cptrujiDecember 27, 2012

I'm ready to part with my 30 year old Pfalzgraff stoneware. I doubt if it's really worth any money but I am interested in creative ideas people have as to how or where they've donated their collections. Thanks.

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Many time there are people who are interested in a stoneware or china pattern that is no longer manufactured. I have often used Replacements, Etc. to add to the china pattern that I inherited from my mother. You might check with them (or another similar company) to see if they would want your pattern.

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This is the website I have used when pieces get broken or tossed away accidentally (like flatware) and they buy from people to resell. I bought a lot of china from them to complete a set that my mom had started before she passed away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Replacements, Ltd

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I am wanting to do the same! You might advertise it as original. I saw my pattern....Yorktowne at Walmart recently. It is much thinner and not made near as heavy or durable. Hoping to sell mine soon and then I want new countertops, so of course I need new dishes!

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Agree completely that the new Pfaltzgraf isn't nearly as durable as the old stuff. It used to be the oldest pottery manufacturer in the US; now, Lifetime Brands owns the name rights. I bought a new set a few years ago and have been so disappointed. The plates chip, the bowls break... and that is just from emptying the dishwasher. If you grew up in PA and had the old-style Pfaltzgraff, you could practically sling it across the kitchen and only worry about dinging the wall, haha.

Anyway, if you are really just looking to donate the dishware rather than sell it, you can think about Goodwill or other charitable groups. Try calling churches in your area; many will know of needy families for whom your dishes would be new and lovely--or have relationships with shelters or group homes in need of dishes. Another way to donate to folks or organizations in need is to contact your county's Social Services department.

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I sold our Pfalztgraf Heirloom dinnerware on eBay. I used an eBay seller in our town to post it. Although I had to pay him to do it, he took great photos and handled the packing and shipping of it. I loved those dishes but the pattern was retired a long time ago. So I was always picking up "stray" pieces at yard sales. I was happy that someone else wanted them.

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Does this bring back childhood memories - although we didn't have a complete set, we had many pieces as at the time it was made not far from our hometown.
I still have my mom's custard cups.
eBay and CL are good options. eBay is less likely to pick up scammers - be wary on CL - although I sold several items through CL - I almost got scammed at the beginning - but fortunately, I realized what was going on before I got too far along. PayPal was wonderful - they were very re-assuring and asked me about 10 questions - Did I give out any account info, did I press any links - all were no and they verified no new activity - I quickly went in and made a new more secure PW!

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If you want to donate the Pfaltzgraff and get a tax donation receipt, GoodWill is the place to take it. They have an online auction site that is a lot like eBay http://www.shopgoodwill.com/ If your local GoodWill thinks they can get top dollar that way, your local GoodWill can list it there.

It's a great web site. I've bought a few things from it and have been very satisfied with the transactions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shop GoodWill online link

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What is the pattern name?

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I decided I wasn't going to pay $25+ per piece to replace my broken pieces through Replacements, etc. But when I tried to sell them my "good" remaining pieces, they would pay me about $1!!!

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cptruji, how generous of you to consider donating! Goodwill is a good organization, but any nonprofit can give you a tax receipt. I work for an organization that helps homeless families transition from emergency shelter to long-term stable housing, and kitchenware is always needed. It's wonderful when a family can finally move into a home of their own -- but often it is just shelter: no beds, no kitchen gear, no laundry supplies, etc. We're lucky that volunteers have stepped up to provide "Welcome Home" kits, including donated dishes. Any domestic violence agency or other groups working to provide housing would welcome your donated dishes.

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My Pfalzgraff pattern name is Remembrance. I'm very impressed with this website's forum. I've received so many helpful ideas. Thanks to all who've posted and keep additional ideas coming.

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