Horton Brasses Bin Pull - Winner!

stie9790December 18, 2012

Last week I ordered three mid-range ($) satin nickel bin pulls to compare them side by side and to be able to hold them in my hands (Top Knobs Asbury, Van Dyke's Restorer's Brass Bin Pull, and the Horton Brasses BN-3). There have obviously been numerous posts about bin (cup) pulls and brands, quality, etc. on this forum, but here's my breakdown (imho of course), hopefully it helps somebody:

Top Knobs Asbury - Nice solid feel and weight, actual cup part is nice and "thick". Fake screws on the front. Screws in from backside, comes with 2 different length screws. The top is slightly arched, not flat across. Because it screws in from the backside, these female "receivers" limit the amount of space under the pull for your fingers (for me, 2 fingers max), this was why we didn't go with these.

Van Dyke's Restorers "Solid Brass Bin Cabinet Pull" - Nice finish. Underside of cup was rough/bumpy, maybe it's cheaply cast? I don't know, but this was the major turn off for me. Real screws (from front).

Horton's Brasses BN-3 - Really nice finish. Tabs where the screw holes are seem more "separate" in relation to the cup part than the holes on the other two brands did (those seemed more integral to the pull instead of "tacked on"), but perhaps the Horton one is more traditional. Easy for me to get 3 fingers under the pull. Not as heavy as the Top Knobs, and the cup pull seems traditionally "thin" if you know what I mean (like the really old ones do). Very sleek, and can't stress how nice the brushed/satin finish is. Real screws (from front).

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I couldn't be happier with the service and quality of the horton brasses BN-3 bin pull! I just ordered 14 more for my kitchen. Also, when you order 12 or more, there's a roughly 10% discount which I hadn't seen advertised anywhere.

Below is a pic of the winning bin pull installed on a top drawer in my 75% done kitchen.

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Really beautiful.

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The quality of HB hardware is excellent, isn't it? Unfortunately, my dream pulls (their Bakes pull) were waaaaaay too much money for me. They held a contest for a kitchen full of hardware just about mid-reno for me. I entered but because there weren't enough entries, they withdrew the contest. I still dream about those pulls. Anyway....

The cup pulls really look great with your cabs and counter. Looking forward to seeing it 100% done.

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How much do I love Horton Brasses? Let me count the ways. Been working with them for many years in maintaining my antiques. They are amazing with the things that they can do, and have awesome customer service. I love your bin pull!!! All their kitchen cabinet hardware is nice.

Unless things have changed, all their work is done to order, more or less, and done in the good old USA. They do a lot of custom stuff. We once removed the lock from a 250-year old desk, and they made a new key for it somehow. Okay, I digress. But for anyone who is shopping, here's their link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Horton Brasses

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Beautiful! Really like your drawer fronts and doors also!

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