Anglophile tendencies - F&B, Kirkpatrick, Austen, Downton, BBC

GWloloDecember 13, 2012

My friend says I am a certifiable Anglophile. DH agrees. Am I?

It started with me falling in love with traditional british cabinet hardware. I was looking for rustic looking cabinet pulls and found some super expensive ones in US, reluctantly ordered a sample and found out that they were reselling traditional british iron hardware from Kirkpatrick. Long story short, I ordered it along with other hardware for the home like handles and pulls. To go with the rustic kitchen, I also got a Shaw farmhouse sink which is also english fireclay. After agonizing over paint for the home, we ended up with several Farrow & Ball paints as the matte finish looks the best on our Adobe brick walls.

Meanwhile it is fall, and I am doing my annual re-read of Jane Austen classics. Just downloaded the Pride & Prejudice miniseries with Colin Firth from Amazon to watch over the weekend. DD is suddenly into british children's books, Angelina Ballerina, and is walking around with a british accent. "Mum, may I have a playdate?" As we have no TV thanks to the remodel, I am watching stuff on Netflix and Amazon and have been rewatching Downton Abbey preparing for the Season3 in Jan. I am majorly ticked because several of my friends have already watched it on some UK sites! Also just saw the complete Forsythe Saga. Just brilliant! Galsworthy's characters are superbly cast. Finally my english friend is baking her christmas pudding tomorrow (the fruits and nuts have been soaking in liquor for over a month!) and has invited me to come and cook with her. I confess I love British style plum pudding. And yes I do like tea and bake scones and make really thin sandwiches with cucumber and watercress.

So maybe I am an Anglophile after all.. But isn't this a trend in the soceity! Downton Abbey's phenomenal viewer ratings, despite starting each episode with the dog butt shot, should prove that English things especially historical look is popular culture now.

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I love british pulp wallpaper. I love Downton Abbey.

I think part of the appeal of Downton Abbey is that it's NOT DISGUSTING, VIOLENT, FILTHY, STUPID OR OBSCENE like most of US *programming*. Plus, it's well written, well acted and the costumes and sets are just lovely. I eat up the dresses that the sisters get to wear...

Have you seen the Victorian Kitchen and Victorian Garden series? You can find it on youtube. If you haven't seen it and you're an anglophile... you're gonna think you died and went to heaven!

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Oh my goodness, my kids were recently sick for two weeks and I watched the Victorian Garden/Kitchen series over and over again while they slept. It was my "happy place".

I am a big time Anglophile, as is my mother and her mother. I wound up living in England in my early twenties and I LOVED it.

I purchased my old cottage because it was the closest thing I could find to a thatched cottage where I live. If I could find someone to thatch it, I probably would :)

I have an English style garden, which is so not in vogue where I live. I don't care. I drink Pimm's all summer and have badminton parties in the garden.

My mom's birthday is Saturday and we are having a traditional English high tea to celebrate. I ordered her a birthday cake that looks like English Jasperware. I went to a french cooking school in London, but we had a whole course on English cooking and learned how to make scones, traditional cakes, tarts, etc.

If I could get away with having a butler, I would...

Oh, and my favorite English books are the Mapp and Lucia series by E.F. Benson. I have read them a hundred times.

I love England and all things English...

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I have not seen the Victorian garden series and have read about it on these forums occasionally. I will add it to my watch list. Seems to me, my TV watch list is longer ever since I got rid of cable :)

rosylady -> I have not heard of Mapp & Lucia. Just saw the reviews on Amazon and I feel I am going to love it. Like discovering P.G.Wodehouse all over again!

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I LOVE JEEVES and BERTIE! I read all of those when I was in middle school. Just a scream. I found a few online for free... the one with the girl that whats his name... the guy that loved newts... GUSSIE FINKNOTTLE! was mad about but she loved Bertie. So, so funny.

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I love watching old Britcom reruns on PBS! And we watch a lot of BBC America too, most recently I started Dr Who and am eagerly awaiting the Cgristmas special.

Our favorites include As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, My Hero, and Black Books. Plus Being Human and Dr Who.

I also noticed recently I seems to love small British men. Dudley Moore is one of my favorite actors, Davy Jones was one of my favorite singers, and I tend to favor Richard Hammond on Top Gear.

Why do we love British things do much? There are so many places in the world...

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If you're into gardening, another great writer is Beverly Nichols.

Also, have you watched Midsomer Murders? Netflix has the whole series. It is set in an English village, but they are modern story lines. It's the best!

In one episode, one woman (the Lady of the manor) says to another, "you have as much noblesse oblige as a fishwife in a whorehouse!". I love it.

I read an article that talked about how Downton Abbey is causing a resurgence in the popularity of English style gardens.

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I love P.G. Wodehouse (Jeeves & Bertie books, The Golf Omnibus).
I've been hooked on Downton Abbey since the 1st episode. Ditto to what @deedles said about TV programming!
James Herriott's books!
I've been been to Hilltop Farm!

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Well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad. Too many of the plotlines in DA are modern social attitudes in period drag, and the dialogue is full of anachronisms, which qualifies it as stupid to me.

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How about "Call the Midwife"? I just loved that series. I wish there were more of them.

And all English Golden Age mystery novels. Wonderful.

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I think overall England is trending up this year with the London games, the wedding before that and now the baby hoopla. Is british decor also in favor now?

Cavimum - Bertie Wooster! I loved Hugh Laurie (House guy) in that role. DD loves the James Herriot Dog books. I did not know that Hilltop Farm could be visited! Beatrix Potter illustrations are gorgeous. I used to think of them everytime the bunny tiles were being discussed.

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Totally agree, Downton Abbey .... I cannot wait for the new series
Call the midwife and check out Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.

Also if you have mot yet discovered Barbara Pym novels.... Put her on your list for fireside reading.

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Another Anglophile here! The only television I watch is through Netflix or DVDs.
I like Downton Abbey, but it's the older stuff that I really love! We have the Wooster & Jeeves boxset and have played it over and over and over. I even have the theme music as the ringtone on my phone! And I know almost every line in Keeping up Appearances by heart. . .

My latest obsession, however, is Miss Marple. If you love classic English unfitted kitchens you must watch this series. I get it on Neflix. I'm not really an Agatha Christie mystery fan, I just watch it to see the architecture and gardens. Some of the kitchens in the cottages are absolutely to die for. I often hit pause just to study the rooms.

I traveled to England about 15 years ago, and would love to go back. So glad to know that I am among kindred spirits here!

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I love watching Downton Abbey, and have risked extradition to watch the latest season illegally. : )

But frankly the writing sux. Really dumb plot lines, like amnesiacs.

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Are there any other Miss Read fans? She wrote the Thrush Green series and the Fairacre series. They are sweet, charming novels of English village life in the late 20th century. She emphasizes the beauty and joy to be found in being close to nature living in the country. They always make me want to go live in an English village and join the Women's Institute and make jam for the Coffee Morning Bring and Buy.

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There'll Always Be An England

Keep Calm
Carry On

God Save The Queen


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Just about all we watch is British tv through Netflix. If you haven't seen these, give them a look

Doc Martin
Prime Suspect
Midsommer Murders
A Touch of Frost
Foyles War
Inspector Lewis

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Another fan of Miss Marple! I am talking about the BBC series with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple, cause there have been some others that aren't as good. The gardens in that series are always gorgeous too. Oh, if only I could have lots of balmy rain and no 5-below days, then I too could have roses like Miss Marple's, dash it all. But I digress. I love Downton, but, really, the kitchen? I could not work there. Cramped cellar-like space, no exhaust fan or high-btu cooktop. But mostly, I am always surprised at how shabby the Downton Abbey kitchen is, from the pots and pans, to the rickety shelves, to the grimy walls. So, no, I am not a fan of Downton's kitchen! Love the rest of it though.

Here is a link that might be useful: BBC series with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple

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