Why is 26" odd and Canadian???

debrak_2008December 7, 2012

Out day looking for counter stools. Thought I would check local stores first before ordering online. 3 furniture stores. All three said 26" for a stool is both "an odd size" and a "Canadian" thing. huh?

2 stores can order stools from a Canadian company called amisco. The last salesperson actually was Canadian. He had no idea why 26" stools are popular in Canada but not in the USA.

Why the stools from Amisco are nice they are too expensive. So I guess the internet is it.

So, can anyone tell me what is so Canadian about 26"? If anyone has 26" stools where did you buy them?

FYI 24" is too low and 30" too high. Floor to bottom surface of island is 34.5". Floor to top of island is 37.5.

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I bought our bedframe from Amisco, online - might be doing a web search in case anyone has it cheaper. FWIW, the quality of the bedframe is excellent!

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26" is 2/3 of a meter. (maybe that is why?)

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So, along those lines, maybe do internet searches for 66cm stools (instead of 26" stools).

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I will check out the amisco website. Thier stools do look cool.

66 cm might be a good search to try.

But why would Canadians need/want 26" high stools and Americans don't? It just seems weird.

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Pastel Furniture makes 26" stools. Here's one style, but I think all or most of their counter-height ones are 26".

Here is a link that might be useful: Pastel Furniture 26

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I emailed Pastel on how to purchase. Beautiful but no prices are posted.

The few I'm finding are so expensive. Why?


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I have the same dimension as yours to the bottom and use 24". Anything taller would be uncomfortable to me as for hitting my legs getting in and out. To the top is 36.5" and I feel like I sit at the table with this ratio. I don't think an inch would make a huge difference. Why do you feel you need 26"?

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We had these old Swedish counter stools that actually came with the house, and we'd decided they were totally coming apart and ick, but were had a comfortable SEAT height at 27". At 24", we felt like we were kids who weren't in a booster seat and the counter was staring us in the face. At 30", we felt like we had to double over to rest our arms on it.

This was exacerbated by the fact that there are so few places where you can actually SIT in them at a counter-height surface; also that web sites often don't often tell you the SEAT height, but the overall height.

We found some 27", but yes, they were $$$ so we only got two, one a floor model.

Good luck. This was frustrating.

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I just have to say, this is the funniest thread title I have seen in a long time.

Carry on.

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Why 26? Actually I would take 26, 27 or 28.

Using a stool that is 29.5" to the top of the padded seat I can get on it with just lightly brushing the underneath of the island. Sitting on it the counter does feel a little low.

DH feels 28" would be just right but I suggested 26" as its inbetween 24 and 30. Its gives a little more wiggle room.

Sitting at the dining table the distance from top DH's leg to the top of the table is 11.5". If we used a 24" stool at the island this distance would be greater by a few inches. We would want this distance to be 11.5" or less.

marcolo, lol.

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I don't know why 26" is odd and Canadian. However, there were some threads in the recent past(which I can't find- sorry) on either the woodworking forum, or home decorating, or both, about how to increase the height of a stool. Someone had changed their island from counter height to bar height ,if I recall correctly. FWIW, if you find a reasonable priced stool that is the style you like but a smidge too short, don't necessarily give up on it. Think about ways to beef up the height an inch or so. I am sure you can find a super cheap stool on Craigslist for $10 or so and use it for experimentation purposes.

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I would go with 30" and have them cut down. We used to do that a lot at my DM's furniture store.

Good Luck!


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Holland Bar Stool (Michigan) will do custom height- should only add about $15 per stool. Many on line retailers carry them, don't know which will offer that but I expect many. Lead time is around 2 weeks.

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Maybe Americans have thicker legs or are taller, on average. (jk?)

Our island is 37" at the highest point, but it is designed with wood running underneath the granite on each side to resemble a table. So, a 24" stool is really the highest we could use and still be able to fit our legs underneath. Our stools are 25" but the cushion compresses about an inch. I have never felt this height was odd for daily use, but I'm average height.

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That is so weird!! I'm in Canada and was ready to post that it's not a canadian thing and that my stools are 24"', but I just went and measured them and sure enough they are 26". How strange! Bought from a local store, been using them for 3 years, just assumed they were 24" all this time since they are 'counter height stools'.

They are definitely a comfortable height, I can attest to that. We sit at the island with our laptops sometimes for hours at a time.

Have you thought of adjustable height stools? There are a lot of them at sears .com which might give you some ideas:

Not sure of your style. Most of those are quite modern looking, but if you look through them there are also some traditional looking ones, such as this:

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Taggie, thank you for checking your counter stools. It helps to know I'm not losing my mind!

I had not thought to look at sears but will check them out.

Those pedestal ones unfortunately are not good on hw floors but I do like them.

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We bought some Pastel ones from Amazon. I was surprised that they were 26", but that height works out well at our counter. It's funny if it's more common in Canada.

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Update -

Like I said, we got a floor model (right) and ordered an additional one (left). The second one was delivered yesterday, and it is...24"(or 24.5") tall, two full inches shorter than the 26.5"-27" we had looked so hard for.

So I got to confirm that 24" makes me feel like am sitting in at an unusually high table.

But, I do like to prep at the peninsula while facing the rest of the kitchen, and am used to doing so while seated on the stool. For flipping through a newspaper or just eating, 24" seemed okay.

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So we find one ebay that states that it is technically labeled as a 24" counter stool, the height is closer to 26". Apparently the 24" is to the top of the frame not the seat. So how do you know how the measurement is being determined?

drbeanie2000, sorry to hear about your stool size being wrong. Can they replace it with the correct size? Your desciption does help confirm that we need a 26, or slightly higher.

This is beyond frustrating.

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