AARRGH! Delayed until after New Years

lazy_gardensDecember 18, 2012

I spent yesterday running around, checking that we had all the parts needed to yank the old sink and counters and get the new ones in.

Spacer for granite - Check! After measuring almost every candidate in Lowes and HD, found a 4.5mm one. When the shelf labelk says 3/16, it's not always right. BTW, Home Depot is selling 2x4foot chalkboard panels if anyone wants one.

Tile for backsplash - Check! Basic bland bone 3"x6" rectangles ... plus plenty of extra in case we decide the other walls need backsplash. At $1.50 a square foot, I can afford to buy for contingencies.
Grout - Check!
Sink and sink clips - Check!
Faucet and lotion dispensers - Check!
1/4 turn valves for supply lines - Check!
Supply lines - Check!
T-thingy that covers seam between granite and butcherblock - Check! And it's solid brass I can blacken myself.
Alder boards to make breadboard ends on 2 counters - Check!

What I'm lacking now is the contractor ... his schedule slipped and my schedule can't flex, so it's after the New Year. :(

And I was REALLY ready to get this over with. Heck, I was ready last year this time, and life happened and I ended up working on a house 700 miles away.

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Heh-heh, I can relate. I had to wait for my main guy until this month, and hoped beyond hope that this 2-bathroom, 1 closet project could be done before Christmas but stuff happens of course, so we'll be finishing up after New Years.

It's okay - it's worth the wait!

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