Super White Granite Seam Issue & Crack

superwhite2014December 16, 2013

Hi Folks,

Just had some super white quartzite installed. After the installer left I noticed two issues

1. There's a crack running down the length of the slab

2. There's an odd 1cm mark at the miter seam (see pic).

I'd love it if a fabricator/installer could weigh in on the the seam mark. I'm being told it's natural and not a big deal (obviously not true). I'd also like some advice on the crack. Ideally, I don't want to have the whole thing ripped out and reinstalled, so if the mortar will prevent the crack from spreading, I'm fine with it.

The bigger issue for me is the weird mark. I'd love to know what it is and if there's a way a to get rid of it.


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I see 3 marks: 1) a small one in the corner, 2) one above and to the left of it, 3) one in the lower corner of the photo.

The stone itself is gorgeous and what I dream of having one day.

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@ linelle

You're correct, there are three marks in the photo. I'm mainly interested in getting an explanation on the bigger one. I can live with the others.

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Superwhite 2014:

Pull out a drawer and see if there is mesh adhered to the back of your stone. If so, I wouldn't worry about the crack, it shouldn't spread. It is natural. Those who don't like fissures should get estone or solid surface countertops.

I'd grind those black blotches out with a Dremel, fill and polish them in about 15 minutes, especially if they bothered a customer so much.

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The big black mark looks like filler...

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Can you show a picture from further away? The 2 big black marks look bad, but it's hard to tell in relation to the rest of the stone.

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