soft close drawer won't close

pinch_meDecember 18, 2010

I don't know what the proper term is for my drawers.... you give them a push and they close themselves quietly/gently. Well, I think I used one handle once too often instead of both handles and now one of my drawers won't finish closing. I have to wait for it to get done before I can finish pushing it closed. How do I fix it?

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Fori is not pleased

First try pulling it all the way out, and then giving it a tug. Sometimes that realigns the glides.

Other than that I dunno....

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I agree that it might just need a good tug. If that doesn't work, I know the mechanism can be adjusted. Do you know the brand of closer? If it's Blum, I think there's documentation on the website, and I know people here know how to do it.

You might also try emptying the drawer and feeling around for anything that might be stuck on the edges. Maybe remove it from the rails. There might just be something stuck. My own drawers do that when I have something too tall (that rubs) inside.

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You need to remove the drawer from the rails on the cabinet. Most well made cabinets have handles of various types that unlock the drawer from the rails.

Once removed you will see a plastic like device that slides up and down the rail in front of the gas piston. You will notice that one or both of the plastic peices are not locked in the forward position. If you do not understand this when the drawer is removed. Remove another drawer that is working and you will see the differrence quickly.

The springs must be in the forward postion to pull the drawer shut while the gas piston slows it down. If the problem persists the rail that slides with the drawer does not engage the spring correctly and you need to bend the tab that engages into the spring mechanism.

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Thanks, daveinorlado. I will try that.

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