Microwave Drawer Pictures

chris82December 4, 2012

We bought a 24 inch Sharp Microwave Drawer Model KB6001NS.
As of now, we are going to install it in a 30 inch cabinet. Will this look bad?

Please post pictures if you have this model installed.

Also, this model is the the 1.0 capacity. Has anyone had any issues with fitting normal items into this drawer?

Much appreciated!

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Ooh! Let me take this one!

I had decided on a 30" drawer, and had a 30" cabinet built for it. After taking delivery, I decided that the 30" MW would be too close to my super susan next to it. I decided to switch to a 24" MW, and just slid it over in the cabinet. (I modified the frame my cabinet maker built to hold the MW drawer.)

I was going to get a door front or pullout for the resulting 6" hole, a la what laxsupermom did:

However, I wound up really liking the little cubby hole, and left it uncovered! I use it to store cutting boards. It is really handy. Here is a picture before I got the drawer front on the bottom:

You could, of course, put 3" fillers on either side of your MW drawer, but where is the pleasure in that? ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: more pictures of laxsupermom's MW drawer solution

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Thank you, did your microwave fit without having to cut the back of the cabinets out?

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Chris82 - here's our 24" MW in a 27" cabinet: From Drop Box

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Yes, it fit. It is, IIRC, just over 22" deep, sized to fit standard 24" cabinetry. Have you run into a problem with the depth?

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