Got quoted for Diamond cabinets, not Dynasty/Omega.....questions

pdx7700December 27, 2013

For my Dynasty/Omega cabinets, my original salesperson got fired and the new one has been very nice. He was very excited and said that he saved me a ton of money. The new quote was significantly lower than my original one....but I just figured out that he switched the brand the Diamond instead of the Dynasty/Omega. No damage done because the order isn't placed yet. I have no familiarity with this brand, and I can't find much online. Is this a brand I should consider? Or make the investment and get the higher quality brand? I want to make a smart decision. Thank you!

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Well, you just found out that the salesman didn't listen to you from the start. I'd want to move to another retailer altogether.

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Good point. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I told him I was looking for ways to save money on the quote. It seems like he was trying to be helpful, but I wish he would have been more explicit on the brand change.

I am open to Diamond if it is a good quality, so I would love any feedback from those who know about that brand.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you told him you wanted to decrease the quote, he DID listen to you. Going down a line is a perfectly valid way of doing just that.

Diamond a decent mid grade line, but it's not as high a quality as Dynasty. (Be sure you're not being quoted "Vibe" by Diamond. It's totally not in the same ballpark.) You need to compare the specs, and more importantly, compare the finishes. If you want a simple door style that is "the same", decide if the more options slightly better hardware cost/benefit is worth it to you.

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I have Diamond cabinets and posted my thoughts on them in another recent thread ...

"I used Diamond cabinets in my kitchen. Mine are shaker style in cherry, all plywood construction, solid wood doors. Since I don't have a painted finish, I can't comment on that, but I can say that I am very happy with the finish on my cabinets (light cherry). I have a total of 18 boxes including a tall pantry, and all of them arrived in perfect shape. No issues with the finish, no dings, dents, warped doors, etc. One drawer had a problem where it didn't shut all the way on its own with the soft close feature, and they sent me new glides. That is the only problem I had. I did order them from an independent dealer, not Home Depot or Lowes, and I think the service was better than what I would have got from the big box stores.

My sister used Diamond in a white finish in her kitchen and she was very happy with them as well.

Another used Thomasville in a painted/glazed finish, which are pretty much the same as Diamond except the backs are bit thinner, and she was very happy with hers, too.

All of these are recent installs, within the last two years."

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Thank you both for that feedback. I am going with the most simple Shaker style door.

So it sounds like the main differences are the hardware and the "options". Is the painted factory finish the same as Dynasty/Omega? Is the limited lifetime warranty the same?

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Back in 2004 Consumer Reports rated Diamond very highly (#3) - link attached.

Would love to know if they are still as good. Am considering them, Fieldstone & Shiloh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports - kitchen cabinets

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I've had my cabinets for about a year-and-a-half and I've been very pleased with them. I'm not comparing them to anything else, though, so I can't say if they are better or worse than another brand. I did get all the upgrades as far as construction goes. I haven't found anything wrong with them, construction-wise or finish-wise, and I'm fairly critical. They look great and everything works as it should. I've had absolutely no regrets with my choice.

rebecca, I don't know if the warranty is the same as any other brand but I imagine you would be able to compare warranties on the various brand websites. I have a stained rather than a painted finish, but I can say that I am extremely pleased with the finish ... they all look flawless.

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Hi rebecca3142,
I have never posted on this forum before, but thought I would throw in my .02
I am a KD in NH, and sell primarily Masterbrand products, including Diamond and Decora (same as Dynasty, I believe)

I can understand your KD quoting you the Diamonds, if budget was a concern.
We sell a lot of Diamonds, and have very few issues, when we do, Masterbrand has always stood behind their products 100%, by far the best customer service of any cabinet line that I have dealt with.
The biggest difference between the two lines are going to be available options(not that Diamond doesn't have plenty) such as the ability to alter widths, finished bottoms, custom size asymmetrical corners,ability to create custom cabinets from our drawings and specs. just to name a few.

If your kitchen is fairly straightforward, then the Diamond would perform just fine.
Does your KD have a showroom, where you can check out the cabinet samples.
Here is a link to their website

And another to the Diamond warranty page

I hope some of this helps, I am happy to answer any questions you might have.


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I think the point was that the salesman did not tell her that he changed the cabinetry line. She shouldn't have to discover that for herself. That is a huge disconnect in communication and I don't understand what the reason is not to advise the customer.

If the Dynasty is a higher quality line, it was a huge understatement and lack of communication not to mention it to the customer. Finding out on installation day would not be a good thing, after having researched and liking the other line and feeling comfortable with her choice. When I was looking at cabinets, the look of one line/brand to another was like night and day and very important to me. I would not want someone changing my selection like that. Would much rather cut other things. That's just crazy, imo, and why people end up with conflicts after the fact.

She had already communicated she wanted Dynasty/Omega. I wouldn't want those changes in decisions being made without my knowledge either and would probably be looking elsewhere too. Customer's house and money. The decisions are theirs only.

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I agree, the conversation should of taken place before a new quote was prepared.

I was only trying to shed a little light on the difference in cabinet lines, not defending the KD, though no harm in getting some comparison pricing.


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Hi Wayne - thank you for the information! I really appreciate your feedback. Can you finish the ends of the cabinets and the back of an island to look like the door style?

Just to clarify, on the new quote my salesman did write Diamond. I just didn't know what that meant - I thought maybe it was a door style. When I started to ask questions about a $500 promotion for Dynasty/Omega was when he explicitly said that Diamond was a different brand. I don't think he was trying to be misleading on purpose, but I do think an explanation about the brand change prior to the quote would have been better. I probably would have been pretty upset to find out on installation day, just because I like to research everything to the nth degree.

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I have Dynasty and love them. My friend has Diamond (natural maple, slab doors) and is very happy with them. If there's not a huge price difference I might be tempted to get Dynasty, but I think you would be just as happy with Diamond. I would look at samples of both before deciding.

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I moved into a house this fall and it has Diamond cabinets (I'm guessing builder grade or a slight step up). They're OK but not great. They feel flimsy and the hardware seems weak. I came from a kitchen with Cookshire Cabinets and they seemed much more substantial. This kitchen is 10 years old and handled a family of 6 so it has that going for it but my old kitchen was 9 years old and handled a family of 5 so there's not much difference there.

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Hi Rebecca,
I just want to say I am not here to sway your decision in any way from one cabinet line to another, I will just pass on what I know about the two, and let you decide what is best for you.
As snookums pointed out "Customer's house and money. The decisions are theirs only".

Short answer is yes, you can finish the ends and back to match your cabinetry.
First off, if you decide to pursue the idea of Diamond, make sure your KD is quoting you Diamond Distinctions, in APC (all plywood construction) and not Diamond Vibes, as someone else mentioned.

The APC replaces standard cabinet construction with unfinished 1/2â³ plywood ends, top, bottom, and 3/8â³ back. Upgrades shelves to 3/4â³ finished plywood.
5% Up-charge(I consider this a no brainier, and my customers almost always want the APC) This will give you the same box construction as the higher end cabinet line.
Finished ends are accomplished several ways.

1- Finished Ends
Creates a matching finished 1/2â³ plywood exterior end.

2-Furniture Finished Plywood Ends
Replaces standard cabinet ends with 3/4â³ finished end panels to achieve a Furniture End appearance.

3-Authentic Ends
Modifies cabinet end panel with applied decorative door.
I use this one the most. Sounds like what you were looking for.

4- Face Frame and Door on End
Creates a working door on the end of the specified cabinet.

Finishing the backs of islands is one place the two cabinet lines are going to differ, the higher end offers face frame, and matching door panels by the SF built to any configuration and size.
The Diamonds don't, but can be done by applying a matching cabinet skin and moldings, then apply what we refer to as "loose doors" . This is one of those many details that needs to be well planned, so as to order the correct size "loose doors"as well as the right skin and moldings.
Hope this helps


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Thanks Wayne! You have been so helpful, now I have a good sense of what to ask to help me make my decision.

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Your welcome, I look forward to seeing what you choose.


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