Now that white is out, what to do?

cindykleinDecember 17, 2011

Had a meeting with my so called designer today to discuss issues. While I had planned on doing a white OTK, she sort of snickered at me saying that that style is out. Apparently she claims oak is now the rage. Well, I already have an oak kitchen so what is the point of redoing it then?? At that point I really wanted to slap her. So now I am back at square one and not sure what to do. I did find this inspirational pic that I'd like to try to design around for sort of an eclectic look. Any suggestions on what to do?

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You should fire her and find someone who will do what YOU want.

White kitchens will never be out as I'm sure the next 50 posts following this one will speedily attest!

How could you even imagine continuing to work with someone about whom you have so much bad feeling that you want to slap her?

She sounds like she doesn't know what she's talking about anyway.

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I stopped thinking you were funny with the shrine "joke."

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sayde, don't take the OP seriously. cindyklein is trying to make fools of people.

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sayde and everyone else... please don't answer this poster. Let it fall after this explanation. Our poster here like to respond to or create posts with off the wall comments for effect. The "zanier" the better. I'm being very kind in my chosen verbage here.

so ck...why don't you get your maid to meet with your designer at barbies castle and maybe find some inspiration for a frilly pink kitchen. Then you can invite your forest friends over to share kava while watching the aliens make crop circles in your urban corn field.

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Sophie Wheeler

It must be Christmas vacation for the kiddies. In two weeks, she'll be back in class.

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Thanks for the laugh! I do hope the loss of white doesn't drive you quite so far as your new inspiration pic. Be brave, you'll resign yourself to the loss and find a middle ground. Or, heck, just go back to white!! You know you want to.
Thanks again for the chuckle.

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Never understood why people hire 'designers'. Do we really need help choosing what we like?

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go away cindy. i'm rarely here anymore yet you are still irritating.

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Don't feed the troll.

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I didn't know the kitchen shrine had such a following. Here is ours. We pray every day that our baked goods come out well and for world peas.

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Sponge Bob Square Pants kitchens are in?

That's a trend I can follow !

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Anna - I recognize that creature! It's a snot gurgle! (gnomes book, anyone?)

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Black by popular demand; once you go black, you never ---you know the rest:

Thanks to dianolo for the picture

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You reminded me of something long ago!! A good laugh.

My DH started brewing beer. He had a kegerator made of a dorm style fridge with a tap and everything. Well, living in my little condominium, there wasn't any place to put it at all, other than in the living room next to the TV.

My mom & sister came to visit for the first time ever.
They ooooed and aaaahheed over (nothing) stuff and came to the keg thingy.

My mom asked, "Honey, what is this and what does it do?"
I said, "Mom, that is our beer alter and we worship at it nightly."

They both fell out so hard it took them forever to not keep bursting out laughing when they looked at it. Then we all had a beer. [LOL]


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Yes, lobotomy labs are out! You should hire my DD. She's a CPKD with a PhD in Princessology. She was just honored in Orlando at the NKBA conference held at Cinderella's Castle at WDW. Just shy of five, she was the youngest member ever inducted into the HoF. Her designs have been featured in DaHouzz and Pillow. She's also been consultant to Paris Hilton and HGTV.

Disclaimer: Her DF is not KitchenCabinetKings and I am not spamming.

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Ikea has a white kitchen. As good as a shrine.
Add a white subway tile backsplash and it becomes a shrine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Encourages role play ... develop social skills by imitating grown-ups

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I would not let what she said bother me. It's important, i think to put in the kitchen that you will love to be in. If that's white, so be it. I think that white kitchens are still popular with buyers. We put an oak kitchen in 8yrs ago, and that was not supposed to be popular, but we love it, and I am happy to be in that kitchen every day. It does sound like you and your designer have issues, I don't think that I would want to continue working with and paying someone who did not like my ideas. The two of you should probably go your separate ways. I think that you will be happier in the long run!

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