Software that helps to design tile configuration

mbarstowDecember 4, 2008

We have settled on our cabinets,(Decora) the design for the new layout, the floor and appliances. Pretty sure of the type of granite too. Now, for the backsplash! I have spent countless hours online and in several stores and am overwhelmed by the thousand of choices and combinations you could come up with. Does anyone know of a software program that would allow me to "visually" esperiment with the design and colors I want. Tile stores just don't allow for "playing" with various tiles to experiment.

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bumping for you..I would love find out about this too.

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This might sound dumb but I had this idea from something another poster did. This would only work if you were thinking of larger 4x4 or bigger type tile. Cut out papers/tag board in the size tiles you want. Color as close as you can come to the combinations you want. Tape them up on a display board or use double stick tape to see how they'd look vertically on your backsplash. Might be alot fo work but might be worth it.

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I'm a quilter, so cutting pieces of fabric (instead of paper) did occur to me and then lay them out to the desired design. However, a software program would be soooo much easier and less time consuming.

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I'm having the same problem with my floor tile design for our bathroom (and will be in the same boat as you with the backsplash soon). I would like to see how the different sized tiles will fit the space without it taking forever to put together. What does everyone else do?


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when I was choosing my backsplash, I first narrowed down to what I thought would work for my space, color wise, level of splash! etc...

then I used Autocad to layout the pattern I wanted. I find Autocad to be a huge hastle, couldn't figure out how to print it out (am new to it), and thus used Adobe Illustrator, which I have used for years and am very proficient in. I drew the space I wanted to tile (full size.. am able to do that in Illustrator just as you'd be able to in Autocad), then drew a rectangle to size of my tile, and then just started laying it out.

this is how I figured out how much I'd need. I ordered the tile.

When the tile guy came, I used my diagram to lay out the actual tiles in the pattern on my countertop so that there was no question what I wanted.

It turned out exactly as I would have wanted (with the exception of it not having a tremendous amount of SPLASH!!.. but dh and i agreed that the more splash we went for, the more we may live to regret it/grow sick of it).

here is a pic of the pattern I chose:

For inspiration, I love Urban Archaeology's website. linked below:

Here is a link that might be useful: awesome tile

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Have you looked at this? It's a free download.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile Gem

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I used Excel to layout my tile backsplash behind my stove. I downloaded a graph paper template from the Microsoft Office website and assumed the grid was 1 inch square. I then outlined the tile and even added color and pattern to mimic my tile. It's not great for visualizing what it's really going to look like but it worked great for the layout. I added a legend and gave it to my installer since the plan from the tile store wasn't very clear. This probably wouldn't work with diagonal patterns.

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Fabian, I use EXCEL everyday at work! I never thought of that-what a fabulous idea. I will definitely give it a try.
Clg -thanks for the suggestion about Tile Gem and
Paige - your backsplash is exactly what hubby would like to do, but I'm a "color" person and must work it in somehow, even if it's subtle.

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funny... I am a color person too and imagined lots of vavoom for my backsplash. What we have is what dh wanted. you win some , you lose some.

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I wanted to let you know how brilliant and helpful your suggestion about the EXCEL template was for me. I logged in just to let you know. I use MS word templates all of the time but EXCEL never occurred to me. I can't tell you how many time I wanted exactly this. That you so much.
Even though you posted this years ago I wanted to thank you know that I am seeing it.


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Sometimes just seeing withing the screen real estate is not enough. See what Oldbat did. She printed it out and actually mocked up the backsplash. Really fabulous backsplash but even smarter idea to mockup IRL

Here is a link that might be useful: A couple ink cartridges and a new tile sample later

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