Layout for induction AND gas cooktop?

sojayDecember 8, 2012

Does anyone here have a single-burner induction unit? I'm contemplating combining a 110V single unit and a 30" gas cooktop. Ideally I wanted the Bertazzoni combined induction and gas cooktop, but can't get 240V into my island which is on a slab. The island is 60" double sided.

First, about the cabinets:
Should I put in a 42" cabinet to accommodate both the gas and a built in induction cooktop, forcing them to be close to each other? Or should I get two 30" cabinets with the consequence of limiting future upgrade to a 36" unit, and at the same time forcing the gas unit all the way to the edge of the island? Should I center a 30" cabinet with space for two 15" cabs on each side? I'd prefer all drawers. Right now I have a 30" unit in a 36" cabinet.

Second, about the induction unit:
110v induction units are rather inexpensive, but most are intended to float on the countertop as a small appliance. I'm afraid of the look adding more clutter. But the built-in ones have hardly any reviews, and it's a commitment with the cutout in the countertop.

Any advice? Anyone with experience with 110V induction units? Are they as good as the full size ones?

If you have a countertop (removable) unit, do you have a way for it to appear 'purposefully positioned'?

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I am doing this but with a reverse config.. A 36" induction and a 12" gas wok top. The advice from my countertop place was to have a cabinet stile under the gap between the 2 units to support that narrow piece of soapstone. This may be specific to soapstone as there is no plywood underneath it unlike the granite. So my cabinet config is 2 drawer stacks about 37" wide. The cooking area spans these two stacks.. Induction on the right and gas woktop on the left. Another consideration what brands of induction and gas units you buy and what the recommendation for clearance under the units are. If they are different recommendations, that may factorinto your cabinet planning. I would also recommend a 220 v induction as they way infinitely more powerful and I find do not buzz as much. Look at eBay and Craigslist. I often see a single unit from Miele or Wolf or Gaggenau for a couple hundred bucks. The electrical is not a big deal. That being said, I am managing for 2+yr remodel on a single Max Burton induction from Amazon and it is so wonderful and really changed my mind to do main cooktop as induction.

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Thanks for your input! Actually the electric IS a big deal since there is no way of bringing a 240 line since we are on a slab. It would require pulling up the floor and trenching into the concrete. It's not a complete kitchen renovation, only the island. So the Max Burtn is decent?

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