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txtwinkletoesDecember 15, 2008

I have seen the pictures of Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo oil based paints and they looks spectacular on the pictured cabinets, but I am wondering if that paint would be a good choice for my cabinets. They are approximately 35 years old, and sustained a fair amount of use damage, and some water damage on the lower cabinet doors. And some wheelchair rubs from the last owner. The wood glue holding the mouldings to the doors was falling out in places, so I used a ton of wood filler prepping the doors. The wood grain isn't very prominent on the cabinets...the doors themselves are wood veneer over particle board, with solid wood moldings. Would the BM paint be best for hiding alot of damage, or is there a better choice out there? I am also a bit nervous about painting with oil based paint...I hear it is more difficult and I have a hard enough time with the latex. The BM rep I met with today said my options are limited when using the latex they have available for cabinets because they can't tint those paints dark, and I want to paint the cabinets a brick red color.

Here are pictures of the doors:

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We used BM Satin Impervo in a burgundy, so close to what you're after. My husband sprayed most for the best finish. I brushed the panels and cabinet boxes. If you mean will it cover color differences, after priming and painting, I would say, yes, it will cover. But if you mean there are scrapes or irregularities that are into the texture of the surface, I wouldn't expect it to hide those very much. They will look better than they do, I'm sure.

BUT, do you realize how long they'll take to dry? My husband teaches high school wood shop, so was able to take them to the empty shop to lay them out to dry during summer break. He left them there for about 10 days, and when he brought them home they were still just a tiny bit tacky if stacked, and still a little soft so we had to be careful using them for a while longer.

You might post on the painting forum, where some real paint experts hang out.

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I used the BM satin impervo oil based paint on my cabinets just recently. I rolled it on with a low pile roller that my BM rep recommended and then I brushed in the raised or indented areas. I used the Zinnser oil primer (from my BM dealer) first, then painted 3 coats of the oil BM satin impervo, then did 1 coat of glaze and 2 coats of a poly coat. I let them cure for a few days between coats, and overall the cabinets had been painted for about 2 to 3 weeks before I did the glazing. I haven't had any problems and the paint seems to be sticking really good, not tacky at all. I think imperfections will show up - depending on how deep they are and how it changed the surface of the wood.

Why don't you test it out on 1 door and go from there?

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My painter used BM Semi Gloss 100% acrylic paint for my 30+ year old cabinets. Granted the doors were new but the base is the original. He did not spray, but did everything with a brush or small roller. They dried really fast and I think they look great. I had to touch up a nick on the woodwork which is same color and you couldn't even tell where it was done. People at BM store tell me that oil based paint is on the way out.

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The acrylic based paint can't be tinted the deep colors.

The pros on the painting forum told me not to poly over the Satin Impervo, as it was unnecessary and the SI would be a better, tougher finish on its own.

I forgot to say that I also used a foam roller for some of the large surfaces...You just have to be careful to let the roller absorb paint for about 5 minutes before you begin, so you don't get air bubbles.

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We just painted our cabinets with oil from Sherwin Williams. We used the satin finish and the paint guy said not to put anything on top of it. They turned out great but it was a lot of work, including lots of prep with sanding. We also switched out hinges and handles and knobs to a much more updated satin nickel. The cabinets are about 50 years old so it was time! I think yours will look great painted. I really like the trim on them.

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I have to add that I was also told that my satin impervo oil painted cabinets wouldn't need a poly coat - the paint would be plenty durable without a poly. But in my case - I used a glaze over my paint and it was a technique where you leave some on and wipe some off and I had some spots that looked duller than others (from an angle). So I had to put poly over that in order to even out the finish. Otherwise, I would NOT have used a poly too.

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