Budget appliance/design paralysis

NWRunnerDecember 30, 2012

Hello, I have been a lurker as I prepare for total kitchen remodel. Your advice kept me from poorly thought out impulses such as grabbing the beautiful 70% off Viking Design floor model. Guess it is the Jaguar of ranges (beautiful but what a dud!)
We are on a budget so posts like Linelle�s $20K remodel have been amazingly helpful. Here are the firm decisions we have made:
+ Layout: Changing to peninsula and getting a range rather than separate units
+ Cabinets: $15 installed Schrock to off white square cabinets
+ Counters: $8+K Pentel quartz Pentel quartz taupish countertops. and Blanco Silgranit Metallic Grey
+ Backsplash: 6 inch quartz, behind range subtle tin tile
+ Floors: Refinishing in same natural multi-tone look

Tomorrow I commit to my appliance order so I have to fix my appliance paralysis TODAY for dimensions. Any suggestions to move me mentally forward would be appreciated. We eat in and I bake a lot so I view my focus as functional and pleasant aesthetically. Two paths with infinite variations.

#1 All GE Slate and have my kitchen cabinet re-sized 5 inches out so full refrigerator doesn�t stick out. Gas free standing range is not fancy but adequate. Put a Zephyr stainless hood over range that may not match completely. Like the look but not the best range and no special deals and extra cabinet charge.
#2 All stainless GE Profile or similar, cabinet depth fridge, microwave over range. Best pricing as can take advantage of January discounts and separate vent or microwave cabinet. This is the recommendation of cabinet designer/seller.
+ Any compelling reason to go cabinet depth in my large kitchen?
+ Seems a bad idea to put microwave over gas range if I have room for another place.
I apologize if I am not using correct post etiquette. Thanks. Will post pics next

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Old kitchen

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New design

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NWRunner, thanks for the shout-out about my kitchen post! Although I'd do some things differently next time around, now that I have some GW wisdom under my belt, I don't regret sticking to my budget and not spending more than I could afford.

Appliances were not in my 20K, figuring I could get new ones as the bank account recovered. My Zephyr hood was very affordable. I'm very glad I didn't do a MW/hood combo. I got an unfitted S/S fridge and it's fine for me. I also got some S/S craving out of my system. When I read about high-end appliances with big headaches, I'm thinking I may just hang onto my very dependable low-end stuff for a little while longer.

I like my G-shaped kitchen (with peninsula). It looks like you will have acres of counter space. Good luck with your redo!

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You didn't ask, but I really want to warn you about Pental. We had Botticino installed in September out of their Portland warehouse. It was etched with drip and can marks, from soda size to 5 gallon can size. The marks are visible in the light from our dining room chandelier. We looked at the slabs in their warehouse and the marks weren't visible at that angle. I don't think the slabs were cured right in their factory in SE Asia. I see you have two windows to reflect light on the countertop. That concerns me.

Even worse was their response. I spoke to the warehouse manager. He said he'd call me the following Monday. Never heard from him again. I called two weeks later. No apology, just asked when he could come out. Came and looked and was at a loss to say what caused the marks. Seemed more concerned with the mystery than the customer and didn't apologize or reassure us they'd make it right. Said he'd be out the following week to take photos. Never showed or called. That was about 2 months ago. Have been treating the countertop with Dupont granite cleaner and some of the marks seem to have faded, but it could just be it's not as visible in the winter light.

Your price seems high. Pental sells by the slab and our slabs were about $900 each. We have a large peninsula but short counter runs. Two slabs installed was a little over $3000.

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Thx for warning about Pental. Our local installer is a high volume business and I will discuss with them - I believe they will stand by their product if we have an issue.

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Sophie Wheeler

No way would I pick something as faddish and as likely to be discontinued as the GE slate colored appliances. And no way would I do a "suite" of any maker's appliances. Pick best in category. You'll get better function.

If aesthetics trump function to you, then go with a counter depth refrigerator. LG or Samsung. If you prefer function, then I'd still say LG or Samsung, but their full sized french door models instead of the counter depth.

For a range, the GE Cafe or maybe the NXR if you do high heat cooking.

For a DW, a Bosch or Kitchenaid. Kitchenaid if you want a heated dry.

Tradewinds for a hood.

Any cheap off the shelf MW just placed on a shelf, but Sharp and Panasonic if you actually cook in the MW.

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Appreciate the opinions. I will go with the full depth fridge and adjust cabinet panels. GE Cafe out of our price range but will keep it in mind if I see one on scratch and dent clearance.

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