subway tile in a rough finish?

kateydid29December 9, 2012

Does subway tile come in a rough finish? My husband is very opposed to the high gloss look. He thinks it does not contrast enough with the gloss of our granite countertops. We've not yet seen any subway tile in a matte finish in person but I suspect he also won't like that.

He wants a rougher finish but I am not crazy about tumbled stone. My main issue with it is that I am afraid there will be too much variation in a tumbled stone product, which will look too busy for our granite, which has a LOT of movement in it!



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Your husband won't be cleaning spattered spaghetti sauce out of the cracks and crevices of a textured tile, will he? If he will, give him a few samples to practice on and he'll change his mind. If he won't, then he needs to butt out of a functional decision. Backsplashes are about pretty stuff, yes, but their primary purpose is to be easy to clean and to protect the wall from mayhem.

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You can get a matte finish - you don't want rough!

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My husband is the cook of the family. He's already considered the cleaning issues with a rougher finish. Since he also does the cleaning (I'm a lucky girl!), I have no leg to stand on with the argument about cleaning rougher tiles!

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I saw some tile yesterday that was called unglazed. It had a matte finish but with a little bit of texture, although I would not consider it "rough". Personally I didn't care for it at all. I'd go with a matte finish before I'd do unglazed (at least the one I saw).

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