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fishymomDecember 3, 2012

Hi there, we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. Due to a design change, I have 18" of wall space to fill. The run is 146" and we have a 27", two 30" and a 39" over fridge. The fridge is on the right, so we are trying to decide here to put the 18". The layout from left to right that makes the most sense would be 27', 30", 18", 30", 39" over fridge, the 18" would hold glasses and the 30" to the right would hold our dishes. I am just wondering if it would look better to put the 18' next to the fridge. Either way would be functional, thinking about esthetics and balance now. I have attached a photo of the existing cabinets for reference, the new cabinets are 48" stacked with 5" moulding. the base cabinet run from left to right will be 18", 30", 33" and then fridge. Thanks for your help!

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Sorry to say, but I think we need a diagram to make sense of this. Usually I would say overhead (plan) view, but if your concern is more about aesthetics, perhaps an elevation would do.

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do three 30 in cabs and a singleton 15 inch either far left or next to fridge---I calculate you have 105 inches to fill with the cabs you are discussing. this keeps the door sizes the same.

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Thanks herbflavor, we actually have one extra wall cabinet, so we can use the three 30 in cabs, order the 15 inch and not use the 27 in cab. That actually makes sense because the the range and hood on the opposite wall are flanked by a 21 in pantry and 15 in wall cab.

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I have another design question. The wall on the left in the photo is the pantry/oven wall. We are switching out the double wall oven for a double oven range and hood. Our new cabinets are a mix of stained base and painted wall cabinets. The pantry wall run will be 21 inch pantry stained, range with painted hood and a 15 inch wall cabinet. The wall cabinets are painted stacks with 18 inch glass on top, but the pantry is stained. Since there is only one wall cabinet on the pantry wall, do you think it would look better as a solid stained wall cabinet rather than the painted stack with glass? That way the painted hood would be centered between two stained cabinets, but the 15' wall cabinet would be the only stained wall cabinet. What do you think?

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