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grlwprlsDecember 6, 2012

My feature wall cabinets have arrived and been installed. They are Shiloh inset in "vintage" cherry with their Sundance finish. Flush toe kick since this isn't a prep or clean up space. The countertop is 2" thick walnut with an eased edge and oil finish. The rear of the glass front cabinet will have a mirror installed. Eventually, these cabinets will have unlacquered brass knobs and long bar pulls from Colonial Bronze.

The fridge is an Electrolux Icon and I will tell you, it's a big step down in quality from a SubZero (which is what it is replacing) but I really needed to resize the fridge to improve kitchen function. On the bright side, we do have chilled water again. And ice.

So far, my contractor has been a dream and the project actually looks and flows like it is being handled by a professional. I am so pleased. It is such a relief after all the awful contractor experiences I have had. I can't wait til the beams and ceiling are painted in. Also, we have to blend in the floor finish since these cabinets aren't as deep as the "custom" cabinets they are replacing. Once that gets done, we can install the shoe molding and the bottom fridge grill.

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awesome so far, can't wait to see more!

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Looks lovely. I really like the wood tone.

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Very nice! Can't wait to see more....and I'm sure you are ready to have more to share!

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Could you, would you PLEASE post some pictures of the edges of your doors? I absolutely love the rustic look of these and it's something I can actually create.

I really, really love these and have had an AH HA! moment.

How gorgeous.

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Yes, we are about a week behind on the other cabinets because the delivery company for Barker Cabinets switched my crate with someone else's. Barker had everything labeled properly, but the delivery folks still made an error. That said, Chad Barker was exceptionally professional about it - as he was with every interaction I had with him - and personally reached out to me to get it resolved quickly. I could not be more impressed with them as a company. I think the RTA cabinets will go in quickly and that the next delay will be countertop templating. But I am prepared and will have a temporary sink set up.

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Just gorgeous!

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It already looks beautiful!!

Another person who needs to share their good contractor's info for those of us who are still floundering. : )

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Your cabinets are beautiful! Getting closer and closer to choosing Shiloh for our kitchen, too. Love that vintage finish... very, very nice! I'd also like to see a close-up of the doors. So pretty.

So, is the rest of your kitchen Barker? Or, I guess the better question is why didn't you go with Shiloh for everything? Are you painting something yourself, or....

More info about cabinet particulars, please! :)

Those are lovely and your fridge looks great, too.

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Really beautiful ! I love the rustic finish and that fabulous walnut. I also really really like that toekick. And here I am with no hope of ever doing another kitchen :( > I shall enjoy you instead ! c

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I'll take a close up tomorrow so you can see it without flash. It is a very classy, natural distressing. Know what I mean? It really just looks like where you'd naturally touch the edges more.

As to why we didn't do all Shiloh? It was cost prohibitive. Plus, I wanted a hand brushed effect on the painted cabinets. Shiloh does have a color match program, but it's an up charge. iI couldn't afford any of the "hand brushed" cabinets my KD offers. Frankly, Shiloh's quality is excellent to me - this is my second Shiloh kitchen - and Barker has the same components (plywood construction, Blum hardware) it just comes flat packed. I really wrestled with doing the split. But, in the end, there was an $8k difference. I needed to keep that in my pocket.

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Oh jeez, those cabinets are gorgeous. Cherry? Can't wait to see more.

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What a tease! You must be thrilled that progress is being made!
Looking great so far!!

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I wanted to reach right into that pic and touch your cabs! The wood looks so touchable! Quite lovely so far.

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I understand making those choices. There is such innovation here on this board. Sure, there are those folks who can afford to just buy what they want -- not saying they don't agonize as much!! Then there are those who much cleverly plan, budget, wangle and shop!

I think your choices were well placed.
I actually have just received a delivery of Barker drawer boxes and am going in right now to open them and install them into my MBR cabinetry! (Some I built, some I bought, some I raided from the reuse centers!)

So there you have it!
I await the pics. I have this thread on my screen and it'll be here until we can harass you into photos. Consider the harassment started!

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Lovely!! That cabinet stain is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to your full reveal.

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That is beautiful! I like the idea of no toe kick. I am looking forward to seeing the whole shebang. And, I am going to look up Barker. I have plans to redo the small room off of the kitchen, making it a bit of a kitchen counter area along with DH's existing office.

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Totally understandable on the cost factor. So, are you going to do the hand painting? Sorry to be nosy but I can't help it, I'm very interested in the way you are going about your remodel... I think it's great to get the most bang for the buck.

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more more more!!
Looks very calm and classy to me. I love it!
cant wait to see more !!!
YEA for you !!!!

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Beautiful cabinetry. LOVE the flush toe kick and the narrow dimensions of the doors on the uppers. It really looks vintage. You have a great eye.

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Wow! My breath caught for a moment when my eyes focused on your gorgeous cabs. That's a beautiful start you've got there! Add me to the list of those anxiously awaiting more pics. The tease is tantalizing.

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I'm not kidding here. I've got almost 200 lf of unfinished cabinetry here. You've got what I want, girlie! I'm busy watching Youtube videos of how to antique and distress NOT using paint.

I wanna see yours in person, if not more photos. "Where is it you said you lived?" (she wheedled!)

I can't believe this is the first we've seen of this finish. the style and doors are pretty easily found. These look SO BETTER/DIFFERENT! I am absolutely in love and have this thread on my screen saver.

Hurry up!

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CEFreeman, here's the close up of the drawer front edge. It really just looks like the patina the oils from your skin would develop on the edges of the cabinet front. It's very subtle in real life; the camera is not as forgiving as the human eye in interpreting it.

I can't wait for you all to see the kitchen this is replacing. We had 19" between the edge of our island and the cabinets in one area! I was constantly on the wrong side of the island and then got the hip check every single time I'd have to walk the circle. Despite the negative reinforcement, I never learned.

I had a strict budget number in mind, and despite using Barker and DIYing *a lot* I'm still over budget. But, when all is said and done, this house (built in 1920 and remuddled in 1995) really deserved to get some of her old glamour back. Imagine a 92 year old woman dressed like Courtney Love. :-)

I plan to paint the cabinets myself. Thanks to my father, I am a pretty competent DIYer. And honestly, I want the painted cabinets to have an imperfect charm. *That* I can do. Although I can tile, I have decided to hire that out. I am actually handling the small bits of floor that need to be blended in. Speaking of DIY, I have a blue ceiling and beams to paint.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback!

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Count me in. I adore your cabinets....enough to find out that the nearest Shiloh dealer is a long way from me geographically.

I googled your cabinet description to try to find more pictures of this particular combination and found your mood board in an image search. Are you still planning on the same backsplash tile?

What are you using on the floor?

I can't wait to see the finished product. I can also imagine those cabinets in quarter sawn oak.

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Those cabinets are gorgeous. Wow! Worth the over the budget I would think. I love your comment about a 92 year old woman dressed like Courtney Love.... I am in the process of remodeling a kitchen in a 1919 house that was last updated in 1994 with a whole lotta gold bling. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to replace the cabs but I so wish I could! I can't wait to see more of your kitchen.

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Thanks for posting this grls! I've looked and looked at Shiloh and never once noticed the vintage finish option. Luckily, I have a dealer about a half hour from me, so I think after the holidays are over, I'm heading back up there to check it out. (Plus, I should return their red sample door that I've had for much too embarrassingly long)

Blue ceiling beams? Pastel or day-glo?

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Blue ceiling, white beams. Grammar fail. :-)

I had never seen the vintage finish before either. My former Shiloh dealer only had the distressed paint finishes and they were just too much for my taste. It bears mentioning that the vintage is a hand applied finish, so it's sort of a hold your breath sort of thing assuming you want a restrained hand applying your distressing. For example, there can be fly-speckling, glaze, actual dents, etc. in the wood, but mine is nothing like that. It may be because I have the simplest door style (Homestead doors and slab drawers) so there aren't many places to get crazy, if you know what I mean.

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Yes to the backsplash tile, red. It will be only on the range wall, to the ceiling. Our floor is existing narrow strip red oak with Ipswitch Pine stain. Or at least I hope that's it. That's the can I found in the basement. Luckily I have a place to test that will be under a bank of cabinets.

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I agree. I thought their distressed was a bit much. Reminded me of when I made DD take a pair of 80.00 jeans back to... Abercrom***. They looked like they needed to be thrown out, they were so torn and shredded. Too much of a good thing...

Maybe you know this: on the website they say the vintage finish is available only on the wood listed... but then the wood isn't listed. There are only pictures.. it's not really clear what finish they offer on which wood.

Do you remember if there was a vintage finish available for knotty alder at all? I can identify cherry, oak and maple in a vintage finish on the website but that's all.

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Grlwprls--it's going to be gorgeous.

Do you remember if your cabinets are available in quarter sawn oak?

Deedles--could you tell when you were looking at their website.

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"remuddling" OMG that's funny.
It's a much better, descriptive phrase than "upcycled" or stuff like that.

I appreciate that pic. I can see how they did it without too much effort! What I really have to get right is the stain. The worm holes are just an awl or ice pick gently applied. The chunks are edge chunks: normal wear and tear, and the corners just as you described.

Between this and the Medallion "Gable" door in their similar, non-red stain, I'm hooked.

I am absolutely in love!
Thank you.

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red_lover: No, they just have pics of stain on wood with no description of the wood available in each each stain choice. It's not described or I'm not finding where it is but I've been all over it.

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage finishes Shiloh

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I sent my KD an email about the wood species. Might be after the weekend before I hear back.

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Hello grlwprls! How is the project coming along? We chose the same backsplash (different colors) and I would love to see how yours looks. I am having a difficult time finding a good tile setter in the area. We had a guy scheduled for December, but he blew us off. Imagine that!

Would love to see pics!

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GORGEOUS cabinets! (Insert whistle).

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Very very handsome! I plan to use the flush toe kick (hutch base?) on the island and the bar cabinet adjacent to the island. Thx for sharing

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As soon as my countertop is in, the backsplash is scheduled to go up. I am paying way more than I wanted to because of the nature of the tile - mosaic and onyx. I also sorted all the chipped tiles out and then "rebuilt" the sheets. I'm a control freak :-)

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Mine were chipped too!!! I need to go through each one and sort out the chips. When is the install scheduled?

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Two weeks...late January. I'm so ready to be putting the finishing touches on this project.

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Love the wood--I don't usually fall head over heels for the all wood but your cabinets are truly captivating. It must be the natural feel and the matte finish rather than a shiny finish. I can't wait to see your whole kitchen. It will be spectacular. Thank you so much for showing us another version of what a wood kitchen can look like....LOVE :)

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