CounterTop slab seams/termination?

loafer80December 12, 2012

We have a L-shape kitchen counter plus an island. The L-shape has a free-standing range on the long leg side approx. 13', and sink on the short side approx 7'. Both centered.
We wanted to use Luce di Luna for our countertop, but concerned where to put the seams. With the linear veins, if we put the seam at the corner wouldn't it look awkward when we turn around.
Would be nice if someone can post pictues of how they terminated slabs with linear veins and around corners.
Or should we just use the LdL on the island and use a different stone for the L-shape.

Thanks a lot!

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Sochi used that stone but didn't "turn" the corner. She has it running the long way down the long length of the counter and on the L it's running parallel so the L length has the veins running accross the short way. Make sense?

(Hope Sochi doesn't mind me mentioning her kitchen, which is beautiful, by the way... I've been a lurker for awhile and only just started posting.)

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"L" tops in stone with a pronounced linear grain always create a challenge.

1 option is to cut the corner seam at a 45 and grain match as close as possible across the seam. sometimes this works great but it takes more stone to make the 45 degree seam.

2nd option is to put an appliance garage in the corner to mask the grain transition.

3rd option is a standard seam and just realize the best compromise is with the flow of the movement running parallel to the walls which necessitates an abrupt transition in the corner.

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